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Focus Hair Dressing - MUCOTA DYNA ALGANA for C Curl

Meet Sito from Focus Hair Dressing, the hairstylist equipped with 9 years of experience whom created a C Curl for me that I always yearned for. 

This was me on 2016
For the past few years, I have been sporting a bleached hair. It was the period when my hair required the highest maintain care. I have to touch my up roots on a monthly basis, do a home treatment on a weekly basis, and wash them with purple shampoo on a daily basis. Drying them isn't easy either, as my hair will absorb water as if they were made of sponge. All in all, it was a tedious process.

Before entering the workforce I decided to go back to decent hair color. I waited for about 3 years to achieve my goals of today which are getting natural hair color with a perm. A perm can't be done if the hair were bleached as it will cause further damage, hence it took me some time to grow and snip my hair off. It wasn't an easy journey as I have to overcome my fear of carrying short hair. If you ever had shoulder-length hair before you would know that it's not easy to maintain either, every morning I had to style my hair with heating tools to ensure that my hair doesn't flick outwards.

Finally, the day has come, my bleached hair is more or less snipped off. Located in the heartland of Orchard, I visited Focus Hair Dressing through a reputable recommendation from a friend. 

Just in case you're wondering what's my hair condition before starting the process of Mucota Algana treatment:

Sito actually assesses my hair condition before recommending me to do a straightening treatment to tame my hair from the top all the way to the bottom and ending it with c curls. If you are able to zoom into the picture, you can tell that my hair is actually fine and fizzy. 

Hair ends were trimmed a little. This was after the straightening of my hair using products from the brand Mutoca and a hair straightener. During the process, there wasn't any chemical smell when the treatment cream was applied as the brand focus more on treating the hair. Sito will also come by occasionally to check on my hair if there's any breakage.

Without any washes, the curling process begins immediately after straightening. There wasn't any burning smell, despite my hair ends still have a bit of bleached hair. 

As for the last and most important step, hair is set to get a lasting hairdo. The cream is used in the straightened area and, water is to be used in the curled area. Waited for a good 10 minute and viola~ 

Above are the products that are used to create my hairstyle. The main ingredient of Mucota is Argan oil, natural oil that is known for its unparalleled moisturizing properties. When used to treat damaged, dry and frizzy hair can make the hair shiny, soft, and looking naturally straight without much effort.

Leave-on product is applied after wash. Hair wasn't damaged and fizziness is gone because of the quality product used in Focus Hair Dressing. Here's the amazing outcome after 4 hours of work:

I can say that I am pretty satisfied, even my back view looked so gorgeous now. Happy girl is me because now I don't have to spend extra time to iron my hair anymore!

MUCOTA DYNA ALGANA cost $250 to $300

However, my hair is still not perfect due to an unevenness of color. Therefore, I'm going back for coloring about a week later because it is not recommended to perm and color the hair in the same day. I will be updating my color journey on my IG Story, so stay tuned! Great deals awaits you.

Focus Hair Dressing
5 Koek Rd, #01-21/28
Cuppage Plaza,
Singapore 228796
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 11am–8:30pm
Saturday 11am–8pm
Sunday 11am–7pm
+65 6836 6608


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