Travel Tips for a Short Getaway from Singapore

As a Sagittarius that was deprived of traveling, the past two years have been great for me as I have traveled to different countries despite being low on budget. All thanks to planning early and taking part in company incentives challenge, I get to go to places I never thought I have gone. After all this trip, I have learned a few lessons on how to be better prepared when traveling.

Here's 5 Quicks Tip to Consider for a short getaway from Singapore:

1. Bring the Right Bag

The problem for girls is that we have got hell lots of things to bring while traveling, I can bring a cabin size luggage and still not having enough allowance to store my belongings for a 3D2N trip. These years I have been travelling without my family so I always go with the 7kg hand carry limit. Every time when coming back to Singapore, my luggage will be overweight even when I don't even shop a lot, the consequence to that is I have to pay for the excess weight. πŸ’Έ How many of you experienced the same thing too?

Lesson learned:
  • Invest in an expandable luggage
  • Buy your check-in luggage before flying
  • Else, bring a small bag and pack light

2. Wear the Right Fabrics

On my recent visit to Cambodia where the tourist has to dress according to the country dress code, mainly long pants or skirt. I packed a lot of long skirts with me where some fabric is thick and I brought some t-shirt that can easily form cease not knowing that my hotel does not provide an iron. Problem faced are difficulties stuffings clothes into my luggage and dressing up with creased clothes.

After that encounter, I now like to bring top wear that are using performance fabrics along with me when traveling as it is compact, light, fast to dry, and will not form creases. As for the bottom, I will go with short/long jeans for easy matching with most outfit and occasion. In that case, I can have more luggage space for other items, as for guys I think I can make do with a small backpack.

3. Get the most out of your Short Vacation

Most of time we will have a full-day itinerary when traveling for leisure. However, during one of my trip, it didn't go as well as planned except for Day 1. 
Day 2 - I didn't get enough sleep the previous night, only manage to survive half of the day then headed back to hotel for rest.
Day 3 - The rain season hit us while we reached the intended attractions, end up didn't do anything and headed back to the hotel.
Day 4 - My stomach wasn't well and was stuck in the toilet for hours while my buddy went sightseeing without me 😑

In conclusion:
  • Bring your supplements and medicine just in case, don't forget your travel insurance too
  • Have a backup plan or activities in case of rainy days, don't want until it really happens 
  • Get the required vaccination when traveling to certain countries (check with your doctor)

4. Do a Packing List

I believe many of you will forget one or two items when traveling. How I plan my packing list is to sit down with a piece of paper, relook into my day and think of the daily essential I used then think about the things I will need to use during travel. Of course, I will pen then down and cross them out once I've chuck the items into my luggage. By doing this, I can make sure you bring everything you need!

5. Challenge yourself to Travel light

Every time I pack my luggage, 1 side will always be filled with clothes, and the other side filled with shoes, beauty products/items, and other miscellaneous. What I do for packing light is to bring shoes that can be worn for multiple purpose and events, slip-on shoe is my favorite and it is also a topic starter, people will always be confused and question me: "Is this a slipper, or a shoe?". By bringing sample size items, such as skin care or makeup products, it can help to save space and weight, once I finishing using them I can discard the package and replace with my souvenirs that I will be getting for clients and friends 😊

If you're looking for travel size products, and feel paiseh to ask for free samples from the departmental store counter fret not, because at Sample Store you can request yours for free. The best thing is you can select what you want and get them delivered to your doorstep!

As 2019 is coming to an end, I will stop traveling for the moment to dedicate my time to help more people start a dedicated travel fund so that they can travel every end year during the long holiday season. Nevertheless, I will be rewarding myself on a road trip with my colleagues from Singapore to Thailand, Hatyai on January 2020. Can't wait for it! Until then maybe I will have more traveling tips to share with you guys. πŸ˜‡