GreenE Pain Relief Tape

People who understand me well will know that I get frequent muscle strain on my right calf from time to time, it is a pain in the ass especially when I get a sudden attack during times when I was asleep just because I overstretched my muscle by accident.

Giving the GreenE Pain Relief Tape a try as it is clinically proven that therapeutic tape can help to enhance blood circulation, relieve sports injury and muscle ache. I have tried other relief patches and faced some inconvenience, such as the size of the patches is not as desired which results in wastage.

My Review

I used the tape immediately when I felt that a cramp is coming. Snipped out my preferred length and applied it to the trouble area 30min before I go to bed, it was easy to manage given that the tape has a medical glue in-between. A small patch on my trouble area is enough, no need to patch over the entire leg like a mummy. The Bio-FIR/Bio-Energetics emitting is able to reach 6 cm under the skin, including the blood capillary system as well as the lymphatic system.

Super elasticity from 190~230%. It was said that, if tape on the knee, ankle, elbow, neck, etc., people can take exercise without limitation. It is why athletes love it. (GreenE Tape uses 10% expensive Lycra and special knitting to fulfill the elasticity). For myself, I did not stretch the tape too long as this length is what I required.

I like how this product is Medicine free. If you realize, sometimes when we use pain relief patches for a period of time there will be this hot/cold sensation and emission of smell. So far this patches is odorless, easy to apply and remove; it's not sticky to touch but sticky enough to stick onto the skin!

About GreenE Pain Relief Tape

  • Relieves pain
    • A clinical test reports that the tape increases blood flow-speed near 22% which benefits the removal of lactic acid and hematic acid.
  • Not only does it relieve pain, but it also eases fatigue during workout
    • A bicycling electromyography test reveals less muscular-strength regression, muscle stretching, and torque, which indicates less fatigue and better injury prevention during exercise.
  • Product is medicine free
    • This medicine-free, 4-way stretching to 192~230% (3 times ahead competitor), and medical-level tape can be patched for 36 hours.
  • Made of far-infrared generating fiber
    • The fiber is drawn from energy ball implanted nanoscale Ge/Ti/π a solution which generates purified far-infrared.
  • Internationally certified
    • Invention patent registration in the US, China, and Taiwan, medical device certificates issued by FDA and CE, ISO13485 and GMP certifications, etc.

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