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It's been a week since I've done my Mucota Dyna Algana C Curl. I'm delighted to be back at Focus Hair Dressing again, this time it's to fix the unevenness of my hair colour and get some hair treatment done.

The above picture is a check-in, 4 days after my C curl is done. Under the sunlight, it is also quite obvious that my hair ends still have a bit of bleach within it. As for the root, there is newly grown hair. Hence, the idea is to make the overall colour even. Therefore, I decided to transform my hair into a mocha brown, which is great for everyday wear and professional enough for attending meetings. 

Hair treatment was done using the range of products from Scena+, a new exquisite treatment from Mucota that restores hair internally using ingredients found in the hair itself. Specially formulated for Asian hair types with advance Nano Cell Membrane Complex, nano moisturizing amino acids, lipids, and proteins. It penetrates through hair layers effectively and replenishes lost CMC, restoring hair internally.

Product used for my 3 step treatment:
  1. Adel – Moisture Base Treatment was left on my freshly shampooed hair for couples of a minute then rinsing off. This step creates ideal conditions for treatment by deep hydration and restoration of natural hair elements, making hair soft and hydrated.
  2. Brava – Intensive Hair Repair was then sprayed onto my damaged hair allowing the cuticles to absorb all the essence. A net-like structure in hair is created that prevents essential elements from flowing out and improves texture at the same time.
  3. Calore – Lustre Protect and Seal were applied over to protect the hair cuticles and headed for hair steam before rinsing off. It prolongs treatment effects in hair by coating the outer cuticle with a 7-layered lamellar liquid crystal nano-structure and creating a pseudo-cuticle, keeping hair shiny, smooth and silky.

The touch to my hair was silky smooth immediately after the treatment, especially the hair ends. It made me fell in love with my hair texture all over again. I haven't felt so good in a long time.

Female colouring ranges from $110 to $150
Cost of Mucota Secna+ (3 step) is $120

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