Funny Wisdom

I came across an interesting and inspiring video on Facebook, one of the stories reminds me of my God-father saying. And so, I copied the URL and send it over to him via Whatsapp. Guess what, I'm tasked to translate it from Chinese to English and typed them out! Since I've gotten it done I thought why not share it here for the benefits of my readers.

  1. The biggest differences between humans are above the neck. Do you realize that most wealthy men earn from above the neck, and the poor man earns from below their neck? The biggest differences between humans are also from their belief system. A successful person has faith before the real thing happens, just like in the 1990s no one believes in the World Wide Web except for Jack Ma; he already has a vision that people 10 years later will do shopping using the internet. A normal person will only want to see it before they believe it, but once they saw it, their chances would already be gone. There is another type of person called failures, they have a poor mind; they don’t believe it even thou the reality is right in front of their faces.
  2. Your child really doesn’t have a goal, OR is it that you don’t have the ability to provide your child a chance to own a goal? The dream of the child is HUGE, you probably wouldn’t know, but they would not let you know either. They are aware that there’s no point telling you because you would just brush it off. If you try walking into their life, they will be willing to tell you things from the bottom of their hearts.
  3. What is the proposition of a small company? Don’t consider too much. Your prospect and/or clients’ value you for your capability, your customer service, the quality of your products you offer, on how and what can it benefit them.
  4. The biggest regret of women for their entire life is being a dreamer. They always want to meet a prince charming, only after they walked into marriage, they realize that prince charming is not a real king, maybe they are a monk. They want a man that will shield them from the wind and rain, never did they know those wind and rain are caused by the man until they walked into a marriage. LOL
  5. Do you know what is the word that stroke a man’s ego the most? By taking the negative traits of your man to compare it with a positive trait of another man, the word that is often mentioned is “Take a look at our neighbor Mr. X”
  6. There is a type of woman that wears a million-dollar watch to flaunt and claiming that her timepiece is worth a million dollar just to increase her own value, this is how she lives her life. There is also another type of woman who wears a simple watch, the timepiece increases in value to a million just because she wore it, this is how another woman lives her life. It’s not about how expensive your property is, or how luxurious is your lifestyle and clothing’s, it is how you portray yourself!
  7. The motive of increasing your wealth is for what purpose, does it mean that you can save more? I don’t really understand what people think. The majority used their hard earn cash to put into the banks. What for they save it there?! Then I saw a pattern behind it, the poor rides an e-scooter to the bank and deposit monies in it, whereas the wealthy drive a BMW to the bank and take a loan. The fact is the wealthy are taking money away from the poor, then the wealthy will back later to pay the poor with that bit of interest. That’s it.
  8. The quality of communication defines the quality of life. If YOU can communicate well with the higher authority, you will gain more opportunities. If YOU can communicate well with a subordinate, then you will receive more supports from them. If YOU can communicate well with your clients, then you will receive an abundance of orders. If YOU can communicate well with your families, then you will receive happiness. If YOU can communicate well with your children, then you will become a role model for them. If YOU can communicate with yourself, then you will have a peaceful heart. That’s why I said, communication is important.