Belly Killer Enzyme Jelly

When I am eating out during an overseas trip, some of the foreign food may not suit my tastebud therefore, I may just skip a full meal which I know is not good for my health. Is your traveling habit like me, or perhaps you are facing some dieting issues?

MediQ Belly Killer Enzyme Jelly is enriched with 136 kinds of pure natural vegetable and fruit enzymes, this would give my body the nutrients that I don't get enough from all the fruits and vegetables.

Other benefits of Belly Killer Enzyme Jelly:
Promotes glowing skin for women
Contains corn water-soluble dietary fiber that can effectively improve metabolic syndrome
Promote mineral absorption, and facilitate smooth bowel movements

My Review

One afternoon, I took 1 strip of the jelly with an empty stomach and consumed 2 liters of water. The thing that got me interested to try this Belly Killer Enzyme Jelly is the ability to promote optimal intestinal health which aids in digestion and relieves constipation.

The jelly has a cranberry-like taste. I also accidentally dropped the jelly on my lap during my last bite, the texture isn't that slippery to the point that I can't pick it up immediately and put it into my mouth. Lucky me, otherwise I would have wasted the supplement.

Another day, I tried the 2nd way of consumption which is taking 1 strip of jelly after a meal as the patented vegetable and fruit enzyme supports balanced nutrition which aids in digestion.

Plus point for this product is that I love the flexibility of it! I can consume the before or after meal for different benefits:

  1. To support a balance nutrition which aids in digestion: Take 1 strip of jelly after meal.
  2. To facilitate smooth bowel movements: Take 1 strip of jelly with an empty stomach and consume 2000cc of water
  3. For daily maintenance: Take 1 strip of jelly before or after meal
And apart from helping in digestion, the jelly also promotes glowing skin for women!

Does this sound like YOU? ↴
People who always eat out and lack of a balanced diet
People who have constipation problems
People who feel tired often
People who have dull skin
People who are looking to maintain their health

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