Focus Hair Dressing - MUCOTA DYNA ALGANA for S Curl

It's been 4 months I had my C-curl and I love how it requires low to no maintenance, now my hair is growing longer and it's time for a change to S-curl since my hair is reaching chest length. 

There's a difference between C and S curl.

C curl is only obvious at the hair ends curling inwards, creating a gentle, and a bob-like effect which I feel it's good for the shorter hairstyles in my personal opinion as I don't really fancy my hair fanning out.

S curl, on the other hand, spreads the hair out making them look more volumized. You can also switch up your perm direction easily after a hair wash. Now I can't wait for my hair to grow longer in time to come as I believe the curls will only look better.

When having a C-curl I still use a round comb to blow dry my hair. Now, upon getting my S-curl I literally just chunk the comb aside and made do with just a hairdryer. Nevertheless, I am still exploring how to play around with my current curl.

How to decide which perm to go for?

Think about your personal style! Sito will also be able to provide advice on the type of curls and length that may suit your face best. The total procedure took about 2 hours for me, from photo taking to washing, trimming of hair and chemical treatment.

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