Itoh Collagen Powder

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the main component of connective tissue making up about 25% to 35% of the whole body protein content and it is vital for our skin elasticity.

Where can Collagen be found?

Collagen can be found in the fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments and skin, and is also abundant in corneas, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, the gut, and inter-vertebral discs.

Why do we need Collagen?

PS. I have just turned 20 few days ago.
(Believe it or not) Collagen level will decrease as we age especially after the age of 25, it means that skin will sag and that's how people look old, collagen is also a major component of the hair and nails. I was told about this 3 years ago when I was still a beauty apprentice, back then I was still considered young so I was not bothered by it but right now ageing is going to be a concern in life for me.

How to gain Collagen?

Collagen can often be found from food that you eat daily BUT the amount can never be enough to regain firmness, suppleness and constant renewal of skin cell.

In this post I am going to try out Itoh Collagen Powder sponsored by Samplestore. A Color-less, Tasteless, Non-Sugar and Non-fat Collagen Powder? Now I shall put it to the test.

Itoh Collagen is a Low Molecular Powder that was extracted from healthy pigskin and cartilage which are tested by Japan SPF standards. Besides, fats and gelatin are removed through high purification technology, hence the Itoh collagen is safe and tasteless. Low Molecular powder will also enhance the absorption of collagen to capture all the beneļ¬ts that collagen contributes.

Itoh Collagen Powder contain 3000mg of Collagen per sachets that can be taken throughout the day and will be dissolve to any drink or soup.

I love how convenient the Itoh Collagen is as it comes in a small packaging which I can bring it out and consume it daily any time any where without any restriction and it can be added directly into my beverage, soups or food. 

Best time to consume is before sleeping OR with an empty stomach so I decided to take it before I sleep in the most simplest way therefore the most effective way which is to drink it with water. (Best recommended to mix it with something warm)

This is after I have poured the collagen into my 250ml water

The collagen will dissolve slowly on it's own but instead I stirred it to save time and to mix it thoroughly. To identify and make sure that your drinks or soup is mixed thoroughly it will change from cloudy colour to colourless.

If you can see the water is clear and ready to be drank. (Tiny dots are the glitter on my tumbler)

My ratings for product efficacy :
Tasteless - 4/5
Sugar-free - 4/5
Fat-free - 5/5
Packaging - 5/5

$49.90/Box (Available in Guardian)
14 sachets per box, can take 1 to 3 sachets per day. Product is approved by FAO and WHO making it safe to consume.

Important note: Itoh Collagen is natural and free of chemical BUT not suitable for Vegetarian and Muslim as this product contain extract from pigskin and cartilage. Result will be visible after 1 to 2 weeks but may vary with individuals. Recommended for 18 years and above.