Siam Paragon IMAX, Siam Discovery, Baiyoke Buffet

Today marks my 6th monthsary together with YongSheng and I have been planning ahead for this day as I know that we will be in Bangkok so we must make use of it to do something special that can never be found in Singapore.

1st stop: Siam Paragon IMAX

Siam Paragon is one of the biggest shopping mall in Asia and it is also a luxury mall so how can we not visit?! Ok la, actually the main purpose here is for the cinema cause from what I found online this cinema has a hall that come with sofa couple seat with blanket, pillow, wine and cake. Such an indulgence.

The cinema was located at one of the highest level of the mall which we took long to locate it

It's cinema is also equipped with a machine operated ticket machine for movie ticket, how convenient

Around the cineplex there is a corner for IMAX Theatre ticket, because we wanted the best seat therefore we purchase the most expensive ticket and and and they sell CHEESE POPCORN here too which I think that it is damn delicious and Singapore should improvise on this flavour too.

Here is the escalator up to the IMAX hall

They also have a waiting area here, somehow I feel that this IMAX is more of a premium theatre

The entrance to the cinema hall

This is a super duper big hall and the biggest cinema hall I ever seen in my life, we also have to climb all the way up to get to our seat

And yea, this is our seat. It is quite spacious actually

IMAX theatre cinema hall is also not as crowded compared to the normal cineplex maybe is because of the price different but then I really love the ultra big clear screen and sound system.

Movie ticket cost 600฿ which is around $25sgd per ticket and I think that it is think is very worth it for a higher class standard seat and viewing experience.

2nd Stop: Siam Discovery

I actually wanted to get a Chanel jelly sandals from Siam Paragon however it was already sold out. While walking around Siam Paragon thinking of what to get for myself to replace that sandals I saw a lady carrying an Issey Miyake Bao Bao, this brand is quite well known in Bangkok also so I thought why not I get one for myself since it was on my 2013 Christmas Wishlist. And I went crazy searching for this brand around Paragon cause since we are at town area so it should be easy to find, after asking around for direction we finally reach one of Issey Miyake Bao Bao boutique at Siam Discovery.

Oya! Boyfriend also bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs phone casing for me cause I am eyeing for it when we stepped into the store. Prior to making payment we were told that there is a 50% discount on this casing #ohmygod #iloveit

Baiyoke Buffet

We took a tuk-tuk from Siam Discovery to Baiyoke Sky Tower, it was very hard to get a transport during evening time at this area especially when we are carrying shopping bags as the driver will tends to charge us overly high price for the trip. At last we got on a tuk-tuk and the driver was having a small chat with us but I somehow can't trust him for what he said because of our previous experience, I felt so bad that I did not even give him a mutual trust but sorry I can't help it. Most important thing is still being able to reach our destination.

Security here was quite tight but well managed. We do not have the freedom to choose our seat, food selection here are also quite limited therefore I did not eat much.

Live musical performances hype up the whole mood not long after we have arrive

After dinner we walk around the exhibition area for some photo taking before heading up to the 360 degree revolving roof deck

After some walking and climbing we finally got up and and we were amaze, I never imagine that there I will be at a place like that

It is hard to explain the feeling of being up there, it was kind of bored while waiting for the deck to turn but exciting and the weather also added some fun into my experience as it was freaking cold and windy up there.

This is how the deck look like, we just have to stand there and it will rotate by itself.

Overall it was a great experience and happy day for me but I find that the price for Baiyoke Buffet is really NOT worth it.

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