Central World, Din Tai Fung

Somehow I felt that today was a short day cause walking around in Central World have already took us a lot of time, the mall is damn huge I tell you and easily to get lost. Today was our last 3rd day to spend in Bangkok so our budget got tighter because tomorrow is gonna be a day for celebration and we have to choose our item wisely if we were to shop this day. One great thing is that we got to have Din Tai Fung in Bangkok for our dinner and their price is so much cheaper compare to Singapore, don't ask why aren't we eating the local food here. Who doesn't have craving?

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991 Rama 1 Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

I shall skip the shopping part but as usual I will post my loots of the day at the end of this post. Meanwhile let's see what we had for dinner at Din Tai Fung

Century Egg - 80฿ (approximately $3sgd)

Pork with Garlic -160฿ (approximately $6sgd)

Duck Pastry - 160฿ (approximately $6sg)

Xiao Long Bao - 195฿ (approximately $8sgd)

Shrimp Siew Mai - 225฿ (approximately $9sgd)

Shrimp fried rice - 225฿ (approximately $9sgd)

We also had tea for 2 pax which cost 50฿ (approximately $2sgd)

6 dish + 2 drinks we were charged
1289฿ (approximately $51) inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% VAT

Loots from Central World, Boyfriend hoodie jacket from H&M and my denim overall from LEE Jeans

Bought all these from Platinum Mall while on our way back to hotel

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