Flea Market @ Lucky Plaza

I usually hold a flea market selling off my pre-love or brand-new-but-unused item once a year and this year I will be sharing a booth with my sister because the rental here is quite high compared to other location. Decided to blog about my experience as a first timer renting a flea market booth at Linkz @ Lucky Plaza by For Flea Sake on a weekend, 18 and 19 January 2014 because I don't want people to reach there and be a blur sotong like me OR being unhappy when see-ing people cutting queue.

In this post I will be sharing some advices so that people who are interested to book a booth here can get to know more about what is happening so they can make a first hand preparation. I am sorry if the photo quality in this post is poor as I did not bring my camera along with me until the 2nd day of flea I decided that this would be something great to share about so I snapped some pictures with my phone.

On the first day of arrival we reach at 10:00 AM together with my sister boyfriend, herself, my boyfriend and I. As recommend to reach 1 hour before the flea start which is 11:00 AM there is already people starting to queue up before we even reach, however we do not know where is the registration booth so we just stood at a corner until we realise that there is actually a queue but luckily we are still the first few in the line.

FYI. Queue is just along the walkway to the lift near the flea market entrance and it start at the red door

This was the crowd of the people queuing up to set up their booth on Sunday at 11:17 AM

I guess the main reason for the rental being so high is because Lucky Plaza is a mall filled with Filipino on a Sunday

don't be afraid that you will not have any sales

Do not do this:
Don't start selling your item when in the queue, you will be spoiling the market and the buyer will start coming to each and every of us asking us to open up our luggages/bags requesting to see our item.

This is a how the booth/crate look like

Tip on choosing a good location:
  1. Choose one that is near to the entrance, center is better than corner
  2. Look up to the ceiling, choose an area that has air-con ventilation nearby ELSE bring a mask and some tissues. Because of poor air ventilation and loads of dust is trapped at that area I have been blowing my nose and sneezing the whole day.
  3. After choosing your location move quick with courtesy then place your item on the booth/crate when selected. The event co-ordinator will then later walk around to confirm your booking.

Some of my customer on my 1st day of business on a Satuday, more buys mean more discounts YAY!

Tip on getting a good sales:
  1. Get ready some papers and red marker because red represent energy and it increases the heart rate creating urgency, often seen in clearance sales.
  2. Patronizer usually look out for bags and accessories, they love them especially branded one but most of them will not pay more than $10 for a bag.
  3. On the Saturday I started selling my cheapest apparel at $5 and accessories at $2 thinking it was cheap enough but I was wrong. One of the maid told me that it is too expensive so I took her advice and sell them at 3 for $5 (mix and match) and my sales got better than later marked down to $1 each.
  4. Don't mark down your price for no reason, look at the time! Only do it near the closing time, if you still have a booth on Sunday I recommend you to keep those items for the next day.
  5. Walk around every 1 to 2 hour to find out about how much your competitor are selling off their item for, make sure you are within the range.
  6. Sunday will be the day you will have more sales and can mark down your item, even if you don't want to they will still try bargaining from you. I sold most at 4 for $1

One sentences that really hit me was "We don't care how expensive you purchase your item for, we only want to buy it cheap." and I am like "...Ok lor". They really do not mind how old, new, good or bad quality your item is, as long as it is cheap they will take it.

My overall experiences was good, total sales generated on my side was around $200 not including my sister side, I might still book a flea again at this location. This place will be great if you have a lot of item to clear but do not bear to throw them away and don't mind spending time selling it cheap as it still can be handed down to people who are in need as well as earning yourself some extra money.

Booth rental rate is $160/booth for Saturday and Sunday
(Includes 1 crate (4ft by 2ft) and 2 chairs per booth)

I hope this post does help and good luck for your business :)

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