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Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel

Let me start with my story before introducing you all the new product from Hada Labo. Back in late 2010 I was 17 year old and have a very serious acne break out due to IPL (intense pulse light) and Rf (radio frequency) treatment which made me look horrible, the treatment is mainly use for skin rejuvenating purpose and at that time I am still young to do that treatment because skin only age in our early 20's. Why I did it is because of beauty salon hard selling so I had no choice but to sign up for that $800 package which I only went for once and regreted for years . At that time I was enrolled into a beauty academy and also posted to a branch as an apprentices. One of the outlet manager was shock to found out about what happen to my skin so she recommend me to stop all my daily skin regiment and look out for a product which contain Hyaluronic Acid to start using it. Main reason is to replenish the moisture of my face because hydration is very important in a skin care regimen as d

立春 aka Farmer's Day

Dear readers, have you been wondering what day is yesterday and why is there so much people queuing up at the bank deposit machine? Lichun(立春) , so called Farmer's Day in East Asian culture 4-5 February is the 1st day of Solar and also the beginning of Spring season in Solar term It begins when the  longitude is at 315° , the day when the  sun reaches exactly at the celestial   Still don't understand? Read up on Wiki Most Chinese believe that saving money every year on this day will bring them wealth and good luck for the whole year. Feng Shui Master also recommend people to wear a red shirt/blouse when banking in their cash into their account so that it will work. However there is an  auspicious  hour for every zodiac to bank in their money.