RP - Semester 1 Week 1

Good news! I have been enrolled into Republic Poly doing a Diploma in Business Applications, it is a course with a hybrid of Information Technology and Business. That's why you see me starting to post lots #OOTD on my Instagram. Reason why I choose this course as my 1st choice is because I am already familiar with most of the discipline module and I want to gain some knowledge about business. Sadly I need to wake up as early as 6:00 AM everyday because travelling to school will take me almost an hour to get there. Read on for my week summaries of days in school.

Monday, 21/4/2013

Today is my first day of school and I feel that the students in Polytechnic know their sense of direction well and they are somehow self-motivated I guess. That's a good thing but it also mean that I have to work extra harder to achieve a good GPA. Most of my classmates have already been through an orientation programme which I didn't have the chance to participate which result me in not knowing anyone in the class but if anyone wants to be my friend I am more than happy to get to know you. Having an age gap of 4 years isn't a big problem for me, neither I do felt left out because I am used to being alone. In Republic Poly we do not have a chance to choose to sit with, we will be assign to different group daily means that we will be working with different people, there are pro's and con's for that and I don't feel that it is a bad idea.

Everything come so sudden as if I have been there for long. During the Behaviour Organisation module everyone have to download a presentation and some document to analyse it, have a meeting, absorb everything even if we don't know and then present it to everyone like we are a know-it-all. It was somehow like one of the stage of an airline interview that I have been to.

Time passes so fast. School ends around 4:00 PM, I need to rush over to Comfort Delgro Driving Centre which is at Ubi(that's real far from Woodlands) for my driving practical lesson these few day. Even if I have to skip class I still need to reach there at 4:25 PM because my Traffic Police test is just 3 days away. Cab fare from Woodlands to Ubi already cost more than $20 which is my 1 day allowance, no choice but to sacrifice when I have already come this far. Now I am home yet I still have plenty of school work to rush for submission before it hit the deadline which is tonight.

I wonder will I lose all my personal time because of school? 1st day of school only and yet I am so stress out. Time does not come by easily and I will make good use of all the opportunities in life that was given to me because some people can't even get what they want so if you've got it please treasure it.

Tuesday, 22/4/2013

School was so much better today with lesser workload, not-so-stress module, nice facilitator and with my very-the-super-noisy group mates haha. After school I still got to rush to Ubi again for my driving practical but today dad is here to fetch me which helps me to save a lot of money. I am now awaiting for tomorrow module which is "Introduction to Programming", programming and scripting is one of the foundation I have but this time I will be learning something new called "Phyton" and I am so looking ahead to it.

Wednesday, 23/4/2014

OMG I learned Phyton today and it was a new language to me. I am SO interested in programming but at the same time I will also feel stress when figuring out how a new language function and command works. I am also looking forward for the next lesson to come. Oh yea, I have also choose Photography as an Interest Group to join.

Thursday, 24/4/2014

I am still not used to wearing glasses! Left house early in the morning without realizing I have forgotten to put on my glasses until look I into the mirror reflection in my HDB lift so I head back home to retrieve it. Today module is about New Media Communications, this could be the easiest module for me as it involve everything on the web which I am most familiar with. I left class early today for my Traffic Police test however I failed :( well, I will give it another try during one of my school holiday AND I will not ever wear a glasses to the test as I am still not used to the frame blocking my vision.

Friday, 25/4/2014

Worst day of worst! Every Friday module will be Data Communications and Networking, the course that is the hardest for me to master during my NITEC days on 2012. I have the urge to ask for exemption for this module however I only scored a "B" that time so I do not know if I can be exempted a not, at the same time I also wish to refresh my knowledge and understand more about networking so I don't know if I want to request for exemption a not. What I can say that the way ITE teaches is more in depth and Polytechnic doesn't teach as much as ITE and it also doesn't involve any hard memorizing as the Understanding Test is a open book test.