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Malaysia Local Delights - Lok Lok Buffet

Janice was asking if I want to go Malaysia yesterday before she realise it was a long weekend so we ended up not going as the custom confirm plus chop will jam(even when we have chop our passport haha). During the noon she asked me and my boyfriend if we want to go for a supper date and suggested to have Lok Lok. Honestly saying I have never tried Lok Lok before so why not give it a try, at the same time I can also take the chance to blog about it.

224 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437014
12:00 PM to 1:30 AM
+65 6440 8378

What is Lok Lok? Lok-lok is a variant of the steamboat/hotpot meal, except that the food served is skewered and the skewered food is dipped into a hot boiling pot of water to be cooked. This is then dipped into a variety of sauces provided for you. A wide selection of food is served, ranging from seafood and meats to vegetables. The food is eaten off the skewer. Mostly sold at road-side stalls, known as "hawker food". -Wikipedia

Skewers including Abalone slice, Broccoli, Chicken Ham, Chicken Sausage Crabmeat, Crabmeat Ball, Cuttlefish, Fish Dumpling, Fish Maw, Fresh Mushroom, Lobster Ball, Taiwan Sausage, Thai Fishcake, Mushroom, Pork Ball, Pork Belly, Prawn, Quail Bird Eggs, Tomato cherry and many more can be found here

Ready-to-eat deep fried food area also included in the buffet

Free flow drinks! Hot Lipton tea is also available

Everything are self-service so I took all these while waiting for the soup broth to be ready

We are allow to choose any 2 types of Soup from their available list:
  • Chicken Soup
  • Curry Laksa Soup
  • Korea Spicy Kimchi Soup
  • Nutritional Soup
  • Penang Prawn Soup
  • Satay Soup
  • Sichuan "Ma La" Soup
  • Tong Yam Soup (Tomyam actually)

We choose Penang Prawn Soup(left) and the Tong Yam Soup(right) which I feel that is quite salty

Yayy, finally the skewers are cooked and are ready to be eaten

Not enough flavouring? They also provide a variety of sauce

They are actually quite high tech for a average looking eatery cause they are using a tablet for recording soup and table orders

Three of us have finish a total of one-hundred-and-fifty-skewers excluding the fried food and noodles. Credit goes to Janice and my Boyfriend for the counting of skewers.

Lok Lok Buffet
Approximately of $26.00 per person
Inclusive of free flow skewers, drinks and dessert
No Service Charge
No Extra Charges for soup
BUT $1.00 charges for every skewer wasted

When I was asking one of the staff about the establishment of this eatery she said that they have already been around for 2 years just that not much people know about this place. If you want to try out something new or is having a craving for Malaysia food why not give Malaysia Local Delight a try? They also serve Penang, Ipoh, KL, Malacca and Muar Delicacies.

Having difficulties looking for this stall? Malaysia Local Delights is located just right beside a bus-stop opposite Tanjong Katong Girl's School.


  1. Lok lok! <3 Love it soooo much! Been there and sat inside, but maybe should try sitting outside too. LOL x


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