Wheeler's Yard

Was craving for soup wanton mee this morning when I woke up so I asked Janice to accompany me to complete my food craving since we were whatsapp-ing hehe. But first I need to accompany her to city hall to purchase her audio stuffs before heading for my craving, on our way to Excelsior Shopping Centre I got splash by water twice!! cause today is Song Kran Festival aka Thailand New Year. Oh well, I am not angry since it is a festive season. 

Because the place for my craving is too far from where we are and since we both stayed at north-central area I decided to hopped over to Wheeler's Yard to chill out, my boyfriend came along too. There is a sudden downpour while we was on our way there so my boyfriend came to save us since he is in a cab.

28 Lor Ampas
Singapore 328781

Monday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Wednesday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
+65 6254 9128

The Bicycle Atelier is a workshop space that favours urban bikes

We reach here around 7:00 pm, 1 more hour prior to closing time. For a Sunday night the crowd is not as much as I thought.

Gallery, Shopping, Dining or Chilling Out, yours to decided. We choose to sat indoors cause it is air-conditioned.

P.S My friend Janice is a Garena SuperDJ, do support her!

They practice self-service here so I think that is the reason why we were not charged any GST or Service Charge for our order. Here are the food and drinks that we had for our dinner:

Espresso ($4.00)
Too bitter for me, it taste like long black more than espresso to me but at least it came with a few traditional biscuit

Carbonara ($14.90) and Iced Fruit Punch ($4.00)
Janice has a good taste indeed! I love the cream sauce of the Carbonara, not too thick nor too thin and it taste even better with additional parmesan cheese sprinkle on top. The Iced Fruit Punch also has an unique and refresh taste which I won't get bored by drinking too much.

Pan Seared Salmon ($22.90)
For my boyfriend, he choose the Pan Seared Salmon for his main's and said that the salmon is well cooked plus it is not dry at all on the inside compared to other places. I find that the sauce added taste into the fish and also the garnish they use for this dish made it seems more attractive. All I can say is thumbs up!

Fish & Chips ($18.90)
Fish & Chips will be my choice most of the time when I visit a new place. Fish is fresh just that the meat is always scattering around whenever I slice them up therefore I find it difficult to put it into my mouth. 

Ok, time for a selfie of myself by setting up my camera in timer mode and placed it on the table for a shot. 

Helmet's for sale!! One good thing here for cyclist is that you can shop here while enjoying your meal.

I was so amaze of their toilet concept so I took a tour video of it, so old yet so new:

Open area seating is also available for those who prefer fresh air

More seats available outdoor too

They also have a small selection of kid’s bikes and cool accessories available

I am so in love with this 80's looking bike, it's frame, it's seat, it's tyre and everything else. I have never ride a urban bicycle before but this is so lady vintage, how I wish I own one of them and it will be better looking with a straw basket on the front.

A random shot of the bicycle spoke pattern

Accessories for sale, including well cushioned bicycle saddle and coloured bicycle chain

P.S They are currently hiring, do pop by and enquire for more.

This is indeed an unique place that I've found which is worth visiting and I think you should visit too. Goodbye!