Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Please know that skin problem are cause by dead skin cell. Remember me having a horrible skin breakout? This is one of the product that played a part in helping my skin to diminish the flaw I had. Exfoliating the skin is a no-no when the skin is full of blemish as it will cause the skin layer to stripe off and more prone to acne especially with harm exfoliator that contain micro-beads, but.. without exfoliating the dead skin will all be pill up and will clogs the pores and then all the skin problem will become worst.

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However, with Cure Natural Aqua Gel things is different. It is Japan’s No.1 Best Selling Exfoliator and have been the Best-selling skincare product in Japan for 7 years, it is not a peeling product and is made from 91% hydrogen water with no preservatives, fragrance, colouring, alcohol and mineral oil which gently exfoliate 0.01mm of dead skin cells only and supports skin regeneration. This is a basic must have skincare everyone should own as it is suitable for all skin type and all ages that will prevent skin problems such as enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, blemishes and dull skin tone.

My Review

I have been using this product for years and still on the top of my list for exfoliator, I love this product as it is gentle, safe and suitable for all skin type, even for my sensitive and problematic skin problem. The best thing is that it does not peel off skin and only remove 0.01mm of dead skin cells no matter how much I scrub therefore it will not strip off my skin layers as I always tend to over exfoliate. Every time after exfoliating, my skin become more softer and also brighten up a little, using this product once a week can also help to diminish my scar mark. Because dead skin cell is gone therefore my make-up will glides on even more smoothly and lasting without the help of primer. This product can even be used on other body part other than face, I will usually apply on my elbow, knee cap and area that have scar. Tell me, how can I not love it?

Below is a video of me exfoliating my face with the Cure Natural Aqua Gel:

Yong Sheng Review

It is my first time using the Cure exfoliator as I personally never used an exfoliator before, as you know mens don't really are about their appearance(some). I felt that after using it my skin have become clean, smooth and refresh, I can also see the effect that my dead skin cells have been removed effectively which leave me a very satisfactory feeling. I hope to see that my enlarge pores are gone after long term of use.

How to use

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Note: White clotting is created during removal of dead skin, it may occur even before you start massaging as fingers also contain dead skin cells.

Product claim that beneficial effects of gel should last approximately 3 to 4 months if used properly 2 times per week. Oh ya, don't forget to redeem your free sample at Sample Store. Cure Natural Aqua Gel is retailing at $49/250g in Watson.


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