Tokyo Luxey × P.S Cafe

Tokyo Luxey is a Japanese based luxury community that supplies authentic Japanese beauty and lifestyle product to promote asian beauty.

This July Tokyo Luxey held couples of meeting to meet up with Luxey's around Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. I felt so lucky to be one of the twenty who got chosen to attend the meet up on this day at P.S Cafe.

During the meet up I was introduce to what Tokyo Luxey is about and also I receive two product from Albion alongside with a compact foundation from 24hr Cosme which I will be putting up the review real soon.

Eclafutur(Left), Skin Conditioner Essential Toner(Right)

Chicken Rossa Penne
Didn't expect that dinner will be covered by Tokyo Luxey, thanks so much with love xoxo. Sadly I didn't finish the food cause the portion is too big for me.

A pictures with some of the bloggers that attended the same meet up session as me together with Ms Chie Maeda from Tokyo Luxey.

My just-wake-up bare face with my first use of Albion Eclafutur and Skin conditioner ONLY which is applied before I went to bed, please don't stare at my blemish, pores and scars cause they are not the main focus of this photo. The reason why I took and post this photo without any skin re-touch editing is that I am amuse of the effect the product does to my skin and I want to show you the real thing. If you can see.. my skin is GLOWING, that is the reason why I wanted to share this with you people and I might be reviewing about these product soon if it does justice to my face.

On a side note, after 1 week of using two of this product I can see significant improvement on my skin.

Till then.

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