The Escape Hunt

You know I love adventure right? I am gonna tell you that this is the 3rd escape room that I have been to and it is currently at the top of my list. For your information, this place ranked #1 out of #333 attraction in Singapore on tripadvisor and will be the Global Live Escape Game with 20+ branches by end of this year

100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall
#02-43/44/45/46, Singapore 238840
Opening hours:
Daily, 10AM to 10PM
Contact: 6100 0828
(+65 6100 0828 from abroad) 

Escape Hunt goes for the overall experience and pride itself on customer service. We are not the cheapest, but we provide great value for money as we deliver much better games and customer service than anyone out there. Our games are designed by a UK mensa member, who has a Masters in Psychology from Cambridge. They are multi-dimensional, and non-linear. Game play follows a strong story line and are logical, instead of random.
- The Escape Hunt

My Review

Over here they provide a 60 minute game session whereas most of the place only gave a timing of 45 minute to complete, and this is the first time I successfully escape from a room(achievement unlock). The rooms I've gotten is the hardest of all, the game have a plot which will eventually linked up and help to unlock the mystery. My first impression when I step into the room was like "so small?', but actually there are more to come. I also find that the room is not scary at all(we are solving a murder case) where it will be suitable for family to challenge themselves. Overall it was really fun. The Escape Hunt will be revealing a new mystery in every 6 month and I definitely look forward coming back to unlock another mystery alongside with my friends.

The interior is inspired by Raffles Hotel, their sofa set is one of a kind as they have it customized. Some of the furnitures there are also antique(2nd-hand).

Our game master for the day, she is bubbly and enthusiastic. Also helpful when we are in need during any part of the game play. 

Here is the wardrobe where players get to dress up in Sherlock Holmes costumes for photo-taking (as seen at the top and end of this blog post), the costume is also available for purchase it you love to own a set.

They also provided complimentary tea and biscuits after the escape whereby you can chill around with your friend and chat about your felt inside.

Hope you will have fun with your friends and families as much as I had.

Pricing per room:
2 pax @ $38/pax
3 pax @ $33/pax
4 pax @ $30/pax
5 pax @ $28/pax

Visit The Escape Hunt website for more information 

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