Alive Museum Singapore + Tips

Alive Museum is a museum where you can void the "Do not touch" rules; It is the original 3D visual illusion museum that originated from South Korea since 2009 and now it open its chain in Singapore on June 2014 at Suntec City Mall over 10,000 sqft, with more than 80 artwork exhibits that are brought ALIVE with 3D painting, shading and drawing techniques that create visual illusions.

3 Temasek Blvd #03-372
Singapore 038983
(Between Towers 3 and 4)
Opening hours:
10am – 10pm Daily
(Last Admission at 9pm)
+65 6734 8298

My boyfriend and I reach the museum around 11am, got our ticket and went for our breakfast. P.S The ticket validity from the day of purchase is 1 month. We were amaze that how accessible it is to the museum from Promenade MRT station, we came out by exit C and the walk way immediately leads us to Suntec City Tower 3 and 4 which we only need to take the lift up to level 3 to the museum. No need to worry of getting lost! I like how this area is centrally located so that it is convenient for people staying near the central to visit.

After breakfast we visited the washroom cause there's no toilet inside the museum, we then headed straight away to the museum right after we are done, yay!

All the artworks are hand-painted and handcrafted by Alive Museum’s own team of talented artists from South Korea to exacting standards, so as to ensure unparalleled quality. Approximate visiting time is 1 hour 30 minute, but we actually spend 2 hour and 30 minute inside. Ok, I shall stop the talking and let's start with the pictures browsing now!

Trick Art

Trick Art was very popular during the Baroque era in the 16th century. Using 3D painting techniques, these art pieces trick the eyes and stimulate your mind into seeing both illusion and reality at the same time.

A Young Man Holding a Skull
Stare at the black and white picture for 20 seconds, then at the white side on the left. What do you see there?

A Bathing Woman


Digital Art

Digital Art combines state-of-the-art technologies and art elements so as to let visitors experience art beyond what is seen, and enjoy art like never before.

Below video is an example of Digital art with a mixture of other arts:

Object Art

Object Art features sculptures and installations that challenge our senses. Is seeing believing? Touch and be part of the art pieces for an immersive experience and picture stories that will suprise your friends!

Gate to Heaven


Marina Bay

Levitataional Room

Tunnel's Desperate Struggle

Grandpa's Toothache

Table Tennis

Elephant Pen Sketch

Crocodile in a Man-hole

Experimental Art

Experimental Art combines new technology with various digital art concepts for visitors to actively interact with one another. One visitor may become an artist, and the other, a masterpiece!

The Camera Obscura
Oh yea, be sure to bring writing material such as pencil or fine pen/marker if you want to experience this art as you will be looking through a screen to sketch out an image of your partner. (Tracing paper provided) We gave this a pass cause we do not have any writing material.


  1. Don't need to worry about professional camera, your phone camera will do the job. (Ditch your speedlight and tripod today cause it is not recommended/allow)
  2. If you are bringing a interchangeable lens camera do use a wider lens, capturing more is always better than having lesser details. Photo can always be cropped for a better composition to make it more realistic. For me I am using 16mm lens on 1.5x crop sensor (35mm equivalent == 24mm)
  3. Bring less belongings and wear comfortable clothes so that you can move around freely
  4. Clear your bowel before going in, girls can also take this time to touch-up their look
  5. Request for FREE Wi-Fi so that you can update your social media account on the go
  6. Beat the queue by getting an express pass when it is crowded (not recommended unless you are in a hurry)
  7. Go in a group of 4 or more so that photo taking experience will be better else you will be like me. (solo picture)
  8. Plan your shot beforehand if possible so that you don't need to waste time on thinking what to pose.
  9. Be patient, wait for your turn while another group is posing for their picture so that everyone will have a chance to experience all the art piece.
  10. Be early is always better than late, lastly set your mind free and have fun.

Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 yrs)
Purchase your admission ticket online, avoid the queue and receive discount.

Visitors can also re-visit the museum annually to experience and discover new masterpiece as they will change 30% of the paint every year and special exhibits are held during major holiday seasons such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.
Having a total of 15 branches in Korea (8), China (3), Turkey (1), Thailand (1), Vietnam (1), and Singapore (1) and is still currently expanding.

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