Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant

Hi people! Have you been craving for Chinese food with a taste of Thai recently? In today Singapore the shophouses at Liang Seah Street has transformed into commercial units and eateries etc. F&B around that area have been growing ever since Maggie moved her business over and now we are able to find all sorts of food along the street of Liang Seah.

Maggie started her first Thai food stall at Queen Street hawker centre, soon after it become a famous eatery and upon receiving much encouragement by customers Maggie and her family decide to move the business to Liang Seah Street. At that time Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant is the first restaurant at Liang Seah Street. Being establish at 1998 it is still around today and expanded to two shops units after their 3rd year of establishment consider them being one of the oldest tenant.

1 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189022
Mon - Thurs: 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 11.30pm
Sun: 11.30am - 11pm
6837 0129

Don't be mistaken that this is a shop that sells clock when you first step into this shop, the reason why there is so much clock is because Maggie's husband is a clock collector therefore, they decided to put up the clock as a display and a decoration for customer to appreciate.

During these years Maggie have manage to preserve the layout and furniture of the restaurant and have also secure many returning customer such as: families, air stewards and pilots.

Next up I am going to introduce you to some of their signature dishes that I got to try:

Salted Egg Prawn Rolls ($16/$22/$28)

 Cereal Batter Prawn Rolls ($16/$22/$28)

Assam Fish ($23)

Thai Steamed Grouper ($26/$30/$35)

Triple Taste Grouper ($26/$30/$35)

Red Curry Fried Beef ($13/$16/$22)

Butter Squid ($12/$15/$20)

My Review

Out of the three fishes I have tried, so far my favourite is the Steamed Grouper, reason being is that I am not someone who is into strong flavouring, I like how the dish is infuse with lime and slight spiciness which is just nice for me, the fish is also very soft where it have less bone and is easy for me to chew on. Another favourite of mine will be the Butter Squid which is serve at the end of my meal. I personally does not eat squid but this is a food tasting event so I have to eat it no matter what. What impress me is that the squid is very fresh and not chewy until I can't-swallow kind, the squid is really fresh and easy bite to break them off. As heard from Maggie, they only use fresh live squid unlike other places where they use frozen squid which have been keep for longer shelf life which is not fresh at all.

Food: 4/5 (Most food are delicious and fresh)
Price: 4/5 (Affordable enough, especially for a bigger group visit)
Environment: 3/5 (No air-con) 
Overall rating: 3.6/5

In-order to further reach out to the consumer needs, Maggie have also recently open a franchise outlet at the West area. However, the food variety are not as wide as the one at Liang Seah Street as the west outlet is under a food court.

50 Jurong Gateway Road,
Jem Food Court, #05-14
Singapore 608549

FYI: Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant also do delivery to area within 1 km from their Liang Seah Street outlet. Order to be placed at

Last but not least, she is Maggie. The one behind this restaurant.

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