Le Gateau Maison × Pasta de Waraku

Le Gateau Maison serves premium french pastries that re-create the experience of places and events. This time I bought my boyfriend to his first food tasting event with the bloggers.

At Le Gateau Maison, they present taste that are filled with memories of a place or an event. Each of their product has a story, the story of the place where it first originated. And when you eat it, they hope you can experience the story as well. All the ingredients are especially flown in from France.

10 Sinaran Drive
#01-07 Square 2
Singapore 307506
Opening hours:
11:30am - 11:00pm
(Last order 10:30pm)
Contact: 6397-7162
E-mail: square2@waraku.sg
Website: www.legateaumaison.com

Pasta de Waraku

We had their Thin Crust Pizza while waiting for our cake to be served and I can't deny that they are crispy and thin. Although they only use a think layer of crust, sauce and a few topping it still taste deliciously good.

Scallop & Prawn with Tartar Sauce ($14.80/$16.80)

Cabonara Pizza ($13.80/$15.80)

Le Gateau Maison

II Y A Longtemps ($8.50/slice)
Started off with a simple cake with a hint of passion fruit and milk chocolate mousse. This cake is just nice, it does not carry a very strong flavour nor it is very sweet which is great for starter and allows us to try more cakes afterwards.

Cerises ($8.50/slice)
The 2nd cake that we had is this feminine looking cake which is appealing to all females. At the first mouth that my boyfriend had for this cake he mention that this cake brings back his childhood because of the taste from the dark pitted cherries. It is not about the taste of the cake but it is about the memories he re-call, he is able to sense it before I even tell him that at Le Gateau Maison, they present taste that are filled with memories of a place or an event. 

Sorry about the white balance of this picture but then the main focus is not about the colour of this picture but it is about what is in the frame. Boyfriend have been wanting to try out their strawberry cake but are all out of stock. Because best thing is always reserved for the last therefore, boyfriend is now being all curious about this banana cake after hearing about the raving that have been receive for this flavour.

Doux Reves ($8.50/slice)
This is banana cake but definitely not your ordinary banana cake as it has a distinguish taste to it. I can guarantee that this cake will surely impress you on your first mouth to it. It has a unique taste that is really unexplainable, the main ingredients of this cake are inclusive of chocolate sponge, dark chocolate caramel mousse, banana mousse. I truly recommend you to try this.

Do drop by Square2 if you want to have a taste of what is a premium french cake like and if the taste are favourable to you do also consider ordering a whole cake from their at website. Le Gateau Maison cakes can be collected at Pasta De Waraku outlet (free) or delivered to the venue at surcharge of S$20 +

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