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September update

I have not been blogging for 2 weeks as for the 1st week I am studying for my upcoming exam during the weekdays, and for the 2nd weekday I am busy with my exam that's why I do not have the time to update this little space of mine. How about both weekends? My time was all given to work because I need lots of money.

This week is the start of my 5 weeks school vacation and I am not going overseas because I have lots of things to do. I have just done an semi-permanent eyeliner at Browhaus yesterday and also bought another package as I might need to go back for touch-up when the colour faded to not-so-black. When I told my dad that I have gotten a tattoo his reaction is like "What?!" then I said is on my eyelid and he is much more relief cause it is for beautifying purpose I guess. The recovery time is 1 week and I will be staying home for this entire week doing many productive things I guess.

This month of September I have also challenge myself to take up an Instagram yoga challenge called #SGYOGAGA where I will need to follow a yoga pose for every day for 4 weeks, although I have completely zero background for yoga I am still giving my all for this contest. If I believe I can do it I will do it, to me it is not about the outcome but the process of achieving every pose. They may seems easy but no, it is not.

After/During my 1 week of staying home I will be concentrating on my driving, I am going to finish reading the whole FTT book which I didn't touch before. Hopefully I can pass my driving test this time because I was so unlucky that time, the tester know I am too good so he started to trick me and I fell for it then I got an immediate failure for some reason outside the circuit area. Other than this I will also spend my time on part-time and freelance job, like I say I need a lot of money.

One purpose of it is that I aim to save $3,000 by the end of 3rd week of September to get myself a mirrorless full-frame camera body as Sony is having a promotion of $300 rebate right now but it seems like my vision for this is not near at all. However I will try to get is as soon as I have the money.

Another purpose is for my 21st birthday celebration but is it worth it? What if I spend a thousands dollar for my birthday party and none turn up? I can't imagine that to be happening, and it is like spending money pleading people who don't want to turn up to turn up at the same time making sure they enjoy their time. I would rather to spend the money on myself to make myself happy such as getting a full-frame camera and doing aesthetic treatment.

Semi-permanent eyeliner is just my first few step to enhance my appearance and also to makes life easier for myself. I have been doing IPL since 2010 and Eyelash perming since 2011 and I can't find a way to stop these, this year I have also tried doing bust treatment but I feel like they are cheating my money so there's no way I am going back again after my package have ended. There will be more to come as most of the treatment minimum requirement age is 21 year old. All I need is time so that I will age and also to save money. In time to come I will be going for these:
  • Nose and Chin Fillers
  • Lasik
  • Non-surgical Jaw Reduction
  • Lip Pigmentation treatment
  • 3D Eyebrow Embroidery
  • Invisalign
  • Birthmark removal (Maybe; Have not found a right procedure yet)
All these are just my desire for beauty and looking youthful, judge me if you want because I don't mind and you are free to talk about me. Recently there is also someone who have been criticizing my looks, even if you don't exist my thoughts for these are already set a long time ago. FYI: I don't change for anyone but for myself. 


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