Atastic Manicures - Floral Theme

It's December again and my birthday is just around the corner and I will be turning 21 this year.

I am a person who seldom celebrate my birthday.. but then 21 year old is once in a life time and many people in Singapore celebrate it therefore I planned a small celebration by gathering my friends together.

For those who didn't know the theme for my birthday, it is going to be floral, preparation are all almost done just that I still need to source for a few more items. Meanwhile I  got my nails prepared by Atastic Manicure yesterday and this time round in floral theme which is inspired by my birthday theme, so thankful to have Atastic Manicure as a sponsor to take care of my nails as I always wanted floral nails with blings and charms.

23 Kampong Bahru Road
Blair House #03-02
Singapore 169349
Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday
10AM to 9PM
Contact: 9759 6660

All I had in mind is floral but I have no idea on what kind of design to do, luckily they have a range of palette and charms for me to choose from

So this is my previous nails which is done 2 weeks ago, still in good condition.

Below is the pictures of my new nails in floral theme:

Number 21 represent my birth date and also me approaching to the life of adult hood as I will be turning 21 this December

I also always wanted to try out a one piece charm that can cover my whole nail as shown on my index finger and I finally got the chance to, the quilted design the middle finger is also a match to my birthday cake

Also did a stick-on onto my pinky, was always reluctant to paste stickers onto my nails because I am afraid it would look "fake" however their stickers actually look very natural like drew on in fact it is not, oh ya my hard gel nail extensions on the index finger is still intact

The first design that I picked from the nails palette is this pair acrylic nails as seen on my both thumb 

I can say that the manicurists at Atastic Manicures are really gentle especially when during the process where they need to buff off my hard gel nails using a tools, they are extremely patience too because I actually spend 3 hours sitting on the couch soaking off my previous nail design and getting the new one done by two manicurist and I can feel that it is really a tedious work as my nail is very tiny.

While their opening special promotion is still on going grab your package now before it is gone!

If you are a person who visit nail parlour frequently you will surely know that during season like Chinese New Year there will be additional surcharges if you would like to have your nails done, however surcharge are not applicable for package holders at Atastic Manicure during Chinese New Year period whom purchase their package on or before 29th December 2014 which is a plus point compared to other places, but of course make sure you call to make an appointment prior visit to avoid disappointment. More information can be found at

P.S. Remember to quote "Serene Koh" during your session to win a special gift from Atastic Manicures

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