Atastic Manicures - Christmas Theme

Christmas is just around the corner therefore I am inspired to I have my nails painted in Christmas theme such as snowflakes, snowman and mr.santa to suit this festive season. This is my first visit to Atastic Manicure and I went there together with my girls which is a walking distant from Outram Park MRT. Not to forget I will also be having a Christmas party on 11 and 12 December therefore the design definitely fit in. Can't wait to show off my nails!!

23 Kampong Bahru Road
Blair House #03-02
Singapore 169349
Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday
10AM to 9PM
Contact: 9759 6660

The name Atastic come from "Atas" and "Artistic" which mean having a high-class nail in an artistic way, further more their nails service are affordable.

Atastis Manicures is consider new in the market and have just open their 1st outlet, they only provide manicure service hence I feel that it is quite hygienic because I don't like to mix foot product together with hand. 

This section is for Angel Pro Nail polish because Atastic Manicures is going to be one of their distributor, set up will be up soon so stay tune for my next post! P.S I love Angel Pro nail polish as their glitter are especially beautiful.

For me I did Gelish with Nail Arts which can last at least 3 weeks but for my right index finger I did Hard Gel Extensions which add lengths to my nail using hard gel product that will be harden by curing it under the UV/LED light that can last at least 6 week and look like real nails.

The reason why I did hard gel extensions for my right index nail only because it was once chipped few weeks ago therefore it look shorter than the rest of the nails therefore by doing extensions the nail length will be even to the rest of my nails.

Below video shows how the technology worked:

Tadaa~ My right index nail is now the same length as the rest of my nail and it doesn't look fake at all

After my extensions I proceed to paint the colour and draw on some nail art

I actually have no idea of what to draw on my my nails other than Christmas tree therefore the manicurist personalize my nails for me to my needs

Nail arts on my fingers are specially designed by my manicurist, love the snowman so much especially the small one cause it is so cute.

For this session the nail service I did is hard gel extensions and normal gel, I would definitely recommend hard gel to people who have short nails that like to have an extensions. This place is also good for friends who would like to do nails together, just gather a group of 7 friends and the whole place would be yours.

Atastic is specialist in their nail art services, not only that they also offer affordable packages

Quote "Serene Koh" during your session to win a special gift from Atastic

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