Aaliyah Chiffon Vinyl Mini Black Dres

Receive many compliment that I look sexy in the photo, all thanks to the dress that show of my body curve.

Put on a mini dress from Princessa yesterday for an event held outdoor. This piece is a combination of chiffon and vinyl, I am kind of a chiffon lover because I am afraid of humid weather further more this dress has a large arm area which won't cause any friction between my skin and the fabric. This piece feature a back button top and zipper at the bottom making it convenient to wear which is great for me as I always have problem fitting into a dress all because of my large bottom area. A classic and timeless piece I must say, great for night out too.

Accessories - Mango Touch
Dress - Princessa
Boots - Ecco

Photography - Supriadi Lee
Editing - Serene Koh

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