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Happy New Year 
Xīnnián kuàilè

Chinese New Year is just 1 week away, usually at this period of the Chinese will be busy going to grocery shopping, getting new clothes, fix their hair, nails, etc to get a new appearance for themselves and prepare for the new year.

"People focus on priorities: making amends, reconciling with people, avoiding offence, and re-establishing old ties. They buy and wear new clothes, give gifts, and clean house."

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For each year every zodiac will have their own auspicious colour, for me I am born in the year of Rooster therefore my colour for day 1 of new year (19 February 2015) will be purple, pink and white.

Refer to the chart below for reference:
Image source: WhatsApp

Based on the above inductive reasoning, I decided to use pink and white as the primary colours for my Chinese New Year nail design.

As usual I do not know what design to get for my nails and I don't want something too "over" that makes people think "Oh, her nails design is for Chinese New Year." and something that will not go out of season after Chinese New Year however I also want to in-cooperate sheep into the design therefore I took a look at their nails palette with the pretty nails design they have created for Chinese New Year and picked some simple ones to mix and match and tada~

All the nails design are drawn on except for the one my right thumb which is a ribbon sticker (available for view at the first picture)

If you want to get your Chinese New Year nails done I recommend Atastic Manicures, honestly saying their service and nail drawing technique have improve a lot since their opening.

Atastic Manicures only serve Package Holders during the Chinese New Year Period, fret not if you want to get your nails done there but you don't have a package with them because you can purchase it on the spot too!

Chinese New Year Manicure Surcharge (February 2015)
$30 -  (13 - 15 February 2015)
$35 - (16 - 17 February 2015)

Surcharge Not Applicable to Package Holders who purchased their package on or before 29th December 2014

Image source: Atastic Manicures
More design available at Atastic Manicures, check our their website for more information regarding Chinese New Year manicure.

Ohya! Don't forget to quote "Serene" during your visit because you can stand a chance to win prizes from Atastic Manicures.

Wish you luck in the Year of the Sheep
Yáng nián dàjí

Next up would be a review of my another preparation for Chinese New Year and for a better looking me, do bookmark this page and stay tune. See ya! :D

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(2015, February 3). Retrieved February 11, 2015, from

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