Give my heart a rest

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Readers be like, "Finally an update about life."

Met up Stacie for a swim because I remember she mention that swimming is a good way to distress, further more I want to slim down so why not, at the same time I could also practice swimming.

It is sad that we are going to be in a different class for the next semester as the specialization that we will be taking is not the same, for me I will be going into Logistics and Healthcare Applications Track and for Stacie it will be Enterprise Applications Track. Oh well, we will still be able to meet in school rightttt for lunch, for dinner, for revision and any everything. Can't wait for our overseas trip!

Have been craving for caramel pudding so badly these few days and here I am to Paris Baguette, sadly the caramel pudding is a seasonal flavour and they don't sell it anymore but the original flavour is equally good furthermore I don't like overly sweet stuffs.

If anyone knows anywhere that sell caramel pudding do let me know alright! I don't mind travelling.

Have not done facial for almost 4 years after some incident, it was the worst thing that could happen to me(breakout) and left me a bad impression to RF and IPL hence I have been maintaining my face by myself all these years by steaming and extracting frequently as I couldn't trust anyone with my face for the moment.

Today, I open up and gave IPL rejuvenation a try at Japan IPL Express on my face because I have some scarring and post-acne issue. Picture below is after my 1st treatment, hopefully it will get better after months.

Left profile

Right profile

Have been patronizing Japan IPL Express ever since their opening at Somerset outlet. I started off with a small package of 100 shot I think then recently extended to 300 more shot. My initial purpose was only to remove my upper lip hair that's why I bought a package where 100 shot is more than enough as I already have a package at another clinic for my underarm hair removal, reason why I extended is because I trust them and wanted to correct other problematic area such as my acne scar and dull underarm.

Here is what I like about Japan IPL Express:
  • Staffs is real friendly - They always welcome me even before I step into the shop haha.
  • They don't do hard selling(I like) - I really cannot take it where some places try to sell me their package/addition service when I am trying to relax myself while in the process of treatment, do you know how stress is it. Japan IPL Express has never ever did that to me.
  • No appointment needed - That's what express should mean! I can visit them anytime and day I like, there is always a slot for me to do my treatment and the process is quick. 
I am a return customer because of all the good point mention above.

Have not drank any water ever since I left house to meet Stacie. IPL will dry the skin out therefore keeping myself hydrated is important, was advice to apply mask 3 consequence day starting from the day of treatment. Of course replenishing the fluid in my body is equally important as taking care from the outside hence I "brew" some earl grey tea to enjoy when I got home.

Teaism is a product of Eu Yan Sang.

It is so easy to drink. After removing the wrapper just dip, stir and enjoy. Lazy people like me love innovative product, I am also aspire to come out with an innovative product in future to make everyone life easier hehehe.

Below is a video of how I "brew" the tea in less than 30 second, it was my 3rd time brewing it already and the taste is still robust, I wonder how many glasses can it brew :/

Have been peeing a lot after drinking glasses and glasses of tea x.x which is a good thing I assume.

Stacie went Tim Ho Wan and my younger sister went Hai Di Lao, here I am snacking over cherry tomatoes and grapes at home. It's okay, I can get beautiful skin after this.


Will be going back to mom's hometown for Songkran and also visiting Bangkok this weekend.
School will re-open the week after and it is time to get serious, no more time for work/play :(
Will also start my wisdom tooth extraction next month follow by invisalign woohoo!

P.S All photo in this phone is taken by iPhone6, I am loving the camera so much.
I am using Camera360 for my selfie, in case you are wondering.

Oh ya, this blog title come from this song.