To Bangkok

Currently on a 9 day 8 night trip to Bangkok and Chiang Rai. I am actually happy to have someone seeing me off the airport hehe. 

Will update my Instagram more frequently because it is way more convenient.

Once again I took Thai Airway

This time I am kind of nervous because I am travelling alone but then the feeling is great, I do my own things, walk at my own pace, no need to rush at all, just love the peaceful feeling. I don't mind doing it again haha and I don't feel bored at all. Another level of independent achieve haha. 

Alone as in without friends/family not like the plane is empty ok. 

Here comes the in-flight meal, only took a few bite to taste as it is not to my liking therefore I couldn't finish it.

Mirror selfie in the toilet because I feel like it, sad that I grown couples of few pimples on my face overnight.

Thai Airway actually provided paper cups in the toilet! Not sure if I did not notice it in other aircraft/line or what but then it is a good thing because I can rinse my mouth after my meals :P

Saw this page in one of the magazine on board, tourist get 10%  discount + up to 6% VAT refund at all Central store in Thailand, this made me more excited for shopping. So going to Central World tomorrow!

Upon arrival I search for free WiFi immediately, I am connected to the .@AirportAISFreeWiFi network with free access of 2 hour just with a simple mobile sign up. (I am using it now for my laptop to blog too, although the uploading of pictures is kind of slow, better than nothing right? Nowadays people like me just can't survive without internet, because internet help me to stays connect with the people I love)

The wait for the passport control counter isn't as long as I expect hmm, still got time for toilet break.

But the baggage too a long time to arrive, still got time for me to check out the pocket WiFi however I did not purchase it because I don't think it is worth it for 250baht/day (*9 = 2250baht) which is equivalent to almost hundred Singapore dollar for my entire trip just for that 1GB/day WiFi at 21.6Mbps. 

This is me and my tired face after collecting my luggage, I think I look cool because I can lift a 10kg luggage with just one hand from the conveyor belt LOL ok can *Inserts laughing crying emoji*

Google say that it is 35degree celsius right now, and I am wearing long sleeves hmm. Still ok for indoors but how about later? Guess I am changing out.

Most important thing to get when I reach the airport, SIM card with Internet!!!

I bought the 10 Days (sib wan) package at only freaking 499 Baht, so much worth it than the pocket WiFi

Then I saw this, something cheaper that you might want to consider.

Here I am chilling at a cafe while waiting for my mum arrival

With the pathetic amount of Kiwi Juice because I told them I don't want ice (mai ao nam khaeng)

Got to go! Update in awhile~