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Battle Of The KFC Wings

KFC is the leading quick-service restaurant chain in the chicken category in Singapore and is renowned for serving its customers delicious, complete family meals at affordable prices. The first KFC restaurant in Singapore was opened in 1977 and now has 87 restaurant island wide. This season KFC have come out with chicken of two bold flavour, the Japanese Umadare AND Korea Yang Yeum. Vote and win! Which one to choose between both of them?

Milly’s Eyelash Extension REAL Review

FYI: This is not a sponsored post, I didn't go with an identity of a blogger instead I went as a normal customer. It is also my first time doing an eyelash extensions. Was always reluctant to try out eyelash extensions as there are rumors that it is uncomfortable, some experience burning sensation and even pain, I myself tried few strand before as I was an apprentice beautician before and will need to practice on each other. At that time I don't really like to have an eyelash extensions on because of the material of the lashes, it was like synthetic plastic, hard and not natural at all. Recently during and event job I met a girl with eyelashes extensions and it was really natural, I got a chance to touch her fur lashes and my perspective of eyelashes extensions have change. Two days later I decided to give it a try, because I know there will be no harm trying furthermore it save me a lot of preparation time as fake eyelashes is required to be on while working. Her lash