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NutriGirl Journey - Week 2

Decided to stop work after this week to focus on more on my studies as exam is just around the corner, will also take the opportunities to spend more time on workout and also appreciate time.

Photography by Gabe Chen

23 November 2015
No workout today cause I have been in school and work the whole day, oh well~ let's take this day as my rest day.

24 November 2015
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Bodypump
I learned a lesson today which is only to go for 1 classes per day, I totally lost the strength for Bodypump after a 1 hour session of Yoga. Going for unnecessary lesson because I have additional time and it defeat my main purpose heeding to the gym for Bodypump. Today is a really unproductive day but it's okay after all I get to relax my mind from the stress I receive in school.

Went for a karaoke session after that, just because I feel like it.

25 November 2015
So drain that I have no mood for any workout but my body fat is increasing and I got to cut it down. Decide to lay down my yoga mat at the usual spot, lay down there and procrastinating to start working out. This day I felt myself growing independent as I can workout without the need of reference anymore therefore, I came out with my own workout for the lazy me. Abdominal is a small muscle group hence we need to work it everyday to maintain, here is what I have done today.
  • Hula hoop 950g
    • Anti-clockwise rotation 10min
    • Clockwise rotation 10min
  • 10min Chase Vibro Shaper
  • 5 set
    • Reverse plank 1min
    • Toe tap crunches x12
    • Oblique twist crunches 3kg x12
    • Sit up x12
    • Rest 1min
26 November 2015
  • Hula hoop 950g
    • Anti-clockwise rotation 5min
    • Clockwise rotation 5min
  • 10min Chase Vibro Shaper
  • Leg raise x10
27 November 2015
Decked in Reebok top and bottom today because it is Black Friday and they are having 40% storewide sales furthermore Bodypump is a collaboration with Reebok. Challenged myself by increasing the weight from what I usually carry and the result is so much better than working out with something I am able to handle without using strength and effort.

  • Bodypump
Recently my body fat percentage increase rapidly, and I see decreases after a class of Bodypump it is because fat are converted into muscle mass. A little something a day can made an impact on our body, doesn't mean that we can't see it means there is no changes.
28 November 2015
It's the afternoon, I had a great sleep last night and decided to do Yoga today to relax myself after a hectic week of school and work as well. In-cooperating Yoga into my routine is also to give my muscle a stretch after all the strengthening workout. Never thought that I would be this strong to be able to do the poses I usually have difficulties in, Bodypump really helps to build my arm strength and I manage to hold a longer proper plank (also with variation).
  • Yoga Flow
Alessandra picked me up and we went Bishan Park for a 3km jog, this one really broke my personal record as I have never ran continuously for this far before (I usually walk and jog for 1km). It is my first time running with a partner and it was a productive run (to me) because I can have someone by my side to encourage me to keep going.

We then head to Bishan Community Centre, Protein Cafe for dinner.

Food here is affordable, they even state the proteins provided for different dishes and also sell protein shake.

29 November 2015
Instructor today really pushed me over my limit by only accepting 5kg as the minimum weight for the bar we are going to use for our total body workout, yea and I actually like his method of motivation by also incorporating inspirational sentence. Went to Muay Thai class for fun as I have not been doing it for months already further I am getting too serious into Bodypump so I need some relaxation ya..
  • Bodypump
  • Muay Thai


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