Ippin Cafe Bar

Sipping Sake - Japanese Food - Merchant shopping

Ippin Cafe Bar
18 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238967
Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday
11AM-3PM and 5PM-11PM
Close on Sunday and Public Holidays
Contact: +65 6733 4794
Email: ippin.cafebar@gmail.com
Website: ippin-jpc.com

Set up since October 2015 by Ayumi dad's is a home concept Japanese Cafe in Singapore with Japanese chef that has similar culinary skills to her mom. Ayumi wanted a place where people can be themselves and enjoy everything a peaceful home can offers hence she came out with a hidden hangout where people can have lunch and/or dinner with free WiFi.

"Better than mom's home cooked food." said Ayumi

In this place they sell Japanese food and condiments

I feel that it is also hygienic using of disposables tableware

Artwork exhibits by children

Grace Piece Darjeeling Tea (hot/cold) - $8.00

Soft but rich smell and taste, they call is "Muscat" flavor.

Bought my sister Peggy along today

Book section

Veggie Sticks - $5.00

Assortment of healthy vegetables with wasabi mayo and green onion miso dip.

My favourite combination is having the cucumber with the dip

Tofu with topping - $5.00

Gyoza sauce and Ginger pickles

Rice ball with Fillings - $5.00

Made with delicious gyoza sauce and green onion miso filling from Tochigi Prefecture.

Oyakodon Set - $15.00

Chicken and egg on rice!

The Oyakodon Set will be my favourite dish here because..
Chicken + Egg = Protein
Just saying~ ok, let's get serious. I like how the rice is silky, and the topping are just cooked at the right temperature with a not so salty gravy.

The chicken and onion is boiled with stock, comes with miso soup and mini Grace Piece tea jelly. Using red miso from natural production method by placing soybeans in a wooden barrel for two summers and two winters. Such a long process..

Cold Yuzu Noodles - $15.00

Cold noodles that Japanese eat in the Summer. Noodles from Tochigi Prefecture served with yuzu scented sour soy sauce, vegetables, egg, ham, mini toufu and mini Grace Piece Darjeeling tea jelly.

The Cold Yuzu Noodles will be Peggy's favourite. The sour taste from the noodles is very appetizing, the mixture of the ingredient bring out the flavor of the noodles not over powering each another. So far the best she have tried.

Beef Steak Set - $25.00

Customize beef steak with choice of dip (Wasabi Soy Sauce, Garlic Soy Sauce, Wasabi Salt)

Didn't get to taste the beef because I can't take beef however, I tried the sauce and they really unique and good especially the Garlic Soy Sauce.

Mochi (served with Rice Cracker)

Available in Original and Matcha whip cream with red bean paste

Rice Cracker - $12.00

So after the meal we had sake tasting session and I got to try many types of sake.
Sake tasting Set of 3 shot at $15.00 (random flavours, else let the bartender know what you like)

I learn that Japanese people drink sake with meal, here is a suggestion when selecting sake:
with Vegetable - Salad, Appetiser (Junmai Dai Gingo, Junmai Gingo, Dai Gingo, Ginjo, Honjozo)
with Seafood - Steamed/Grilled Fish, Sashimi (Junmai Dai Ginjo, Dai Gingo, Ginjo, Honjozo)
with Meat - Yakitori, Beef Steak, BBQ (Junmai Ginjo, Tokubetsu Junmai, Junmai)

Sake also goes well with Singapore food since the main ingredient is rice.

Yogurt Sake (Plain) - $30.00
Yogurt Tochi Otome (Strawberry) $31.00

What you need to know:
Sake is Wine
Sake does not cause hangover if it's at good quality.
Sake contain x10 more amino acid than European wines.
Good for skin because of Kojic acid.

Strawberry Sake - $39.00
I knew I had to give this a try when the bartender said that many people came for this Strawberry Sake, just one sip and I am in love with it. Sake is infuse with real strawberry with sweet and light refreshing taste, bought a bottle home with me because I really love it. There is another Yuzu flavour which is a more popular choice, maybe I will try it another time.

I also find that Ippin Cafe Bar is a good spot for photo taking because of the set up and lighting.

At Ippin Cafe Bar I can pose all day

Food are at NETT Price and there are Free WiFi

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Outdoor seating available