My Smart Shake

Founded in 1992, Usana, a manufacturer, and distributor of innovative, quality scientifically-based nutritional supplements and personal care products, is launching a first-of-its-kind health shake that can be customised to individual health needs.

During one of the weekends I was invited to the launch of Usana MySmartShake event.

Upon stepping into the room I saw 3 tables full of supplements, at that moment I reckon that there were going to be a team challenge.

However, before we start with the team challenge we need to have some basic knowledge about nutrition and Usana products.

Therefore, we have Kenny Tan (Regional Senior Nutritionist, USANA Singapore) to give us a short briefing.

Protein is required for our bodies to create enzymes, antibodies, and hormones, on top of preserving lean muscle mass. Without sufficient protein in your daily diet, you might experience issues with digestion, a weaker immune system, or hormonal imbalance.

A usual human would consume more carbohydrates and fats compared to protein, and that was me in the past.

If protein only takes up 10% of your caloric intake, your body would compensate by taking in more carbohydrates and fats, and this might cause an increase in fat mass.

After being educated, now I am on a high protein and low carbohydrate diet.


When it comes to nutrition, USANA Health Sciences offers some of the purest and highest-quality nutritional supplements available.

Now, the global nutritional company can say the same with its new low-glycemic load and gluten-free MySmartShake, a customizable protein-based shake.

MySmartShake delivers the macronutrient solution to help consumers meet their personal lifestyle needs by rebalancing their diets.

Teams are to create each of their own Smart Shake which has to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye which is a requirement and of course drinkable. 

After planning of what kind of shake to create and also grabbing the ingredients we are ready to proceed.


Our team creation is made using: 
MySmart Shake Whey, chia seed, fruits, and more fruits.

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Women need about 20g of fibre a day; men need 26g.

1 bowl cooked White rice = 1g Fibre
1 small Apple = 2g Fibre
1 cup small Broccoli = 3g Fibre

My personal favourite product would be MySmart Fibergy Plus Booster where it can provide me with daily sufficient fibre which is hard to acquire from food, the extra dietary fibre will also cleanse the system by supporting body’s natural detoxification processes.

MySmartShake - $65
(14 Servings)

Available in:
  • Whey
  • Soy

Flavour Optimiser - $10
(7 sticks)

Available in
  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Cappuccino
  • Orange

Protein Plus Whey Booster - $35
(28 Servings)

Fibergy Plus Booster - $46
(28 Servings)

It’s recommended that a healthy person takes in 1g of protein for every kilogramme of their body weight.

It is hard to get so much protein for a person that is heavyweight therefore, we need a protein shake to supply protein to the body instead of over eating which is may cause harm to the body.


Upon completion of the USANA Health Questionnaire I receive MyHealthPak, a customised national supplement pack specially made to order for me by Usana.

USANA has developed a unique Website and packaging system that allows MyHealthPak customers to design customised AM and PM nutritional supplement packs that fit any busy lifestyle.

Below is my result:

MyHealthPak Fast Fact:
  • MyHealthPak eliminates the need for multiple supplement bottles
  • The MyHealthPak Builder Web site won a Stevie Award in 2008
  • The USANA supplements available in MyHealthPak have received the highest rating by the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements
  • There are tens of thousands of potential supplement combinations in MyHealthPak
  • Unlike many competitors’ supplement packs, which are not truly customizable, MyHealthPak allows consumers to select the supplements that are right for them
  • The MyHealthPak Builder site does not allow unsafe dosages or combinations to be created
  • MyHealthPak’s innovative customization technology allows the customer to print his or her name on the box and on every packet of pills
  • The majority of supplements in MyHealthPak are manufactured in an NSF International certified facility
  • Consumers can also add new Super Pills to their MyHealthPak. Super Pills are extra-strength formulas of USANA’s most popular Optimizers, helping consumers free up space in their daily packets for other supplements

The MyHealthPak system is the first of its kind. Providing a completely customised selection of USANA® Nutritionals in nearly limitless combinations, this revolutionary product lets customers select a complete and balanced spectrum of beneficial nutrients to meet their personal dietary needs. 

I notice that Dementia / Mental Acuity is seen as the highest of all score at 50, no wonder Usana prescribe me with BiOmega a high-quality, ultra-pure fish oil supplement.

A month’s supply of individual morning and evening supplement packs each containing up to eight USANA supplements—is delivered directly to the customer.

The individual packs:
  • Eliminate the need for multiple supplement bottles
  • Make it easy for customers to consistently take the full dose of supplements they’ve selected every day
  • Are easy to transport, so customers can take their supplements with them while they are travelling or on the go

The Singapore MyHealthPak facility is the only one outside of the manufacturing plant located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the United States. Every order of MyHealthPak in the Asia-Pacific region is packaged in and shipped from Singapore.