Getting a Tan

Some of you may find that my skin tone is dark and assume that I always go under the sun. In fact, I was never fair and never had a sunburn before perhaps it was due to mixed blood I guess.

However, there are circumstances when I needed to have a darker shade of skin than my natural colour which is during a bikini competition. In the past 6 months, I tried 3 various methods to get a tan and I will be sharing them here accordingly.

I find that I am low in openness when coming to try a new product especially when it is for the whole body, I really cannot imagine how am I going to face the public if things go wrong.


It is important to prepare the skin prior to tanning regardless of UV or self-tanning, ensuring the tan will be even and lasting.


By doing this it will remove dead skin cell lying on the surface of your skin to prevent uneven skin tone later. I use a loofa on a daily basis together with my regular shower gel, and during days when I have more time, I will create my own body scrub in the convenience of my home.


Keeping the skin moisturised and hydrated will make application and absorption of products even easier, it is best to use an oil-free moisturiser to ensure that it doesn't create a barrier between the skin and the tan.

Hair Removal

Waxing at least 24 hours before will be recommended to create a smooth canvas prior to application of the product. Hair will take generally about 2 weeks for regrowth.

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Application - Sun Tanning Oil

I got started by getting an over the counter product from Guardian which is reasonably affordable. However, I had to spend a hundred dollar on a sun-tanning bikini because I don't want any tan lines to be seen, time to travel to the Sentosa beach and, ordering food and drinks from the bar which is not a very healthy choice.

I can barely stand the sun just by tanning 10 minutes on each side, my whole face was sweating as if I am in a sauna/steam room. Also, it is better to keep the eyes closed and avoid wearing sunglasses to prevent tan lines on the face, common sense right.

Protective Tanning Oil SPF 8

Product description:

Special moisturising ingredients pamper your skin to help prevent peeling and dryness for a long-lasting, deep dark tan. Water resistant and easy spray application.

Available in 236ml spray bottle.

SPF 8 is the highest I can find from Banana Boat brand, did not try other brands available because the brand awareness to me wasn't there hence, I doubled my sun protection with a sunscreen that is moisturising and water resistant.

Application - Self Tanning Lotion

I was in this Nutrigirl competition, most girls had their spray tan on for the finals night. Me being sceptical at that moment don't even want to give it a try. There is just too much concern going on in my head.

Knowing a few girls are chipping in to get their tanning supplies for sharing from NutriFirst I decided to join in as well.

Sunny Day Sunless Tanning Lotion

Product description:

Enjoy a Beautiful, Radiant Tan Year Round without the Harmful Effects of the Sun, just off­ the beach look with this every day self-tanning lotion that develops a gradual golden tan after each use. Best of all, you control the level of colour you want to achieve.

Rich moisturisers along with Vitamins A & E and a unique botanical blend of Green Tea and Kola extracts keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Sunny Day’s fresh blend of Tropical Mangos and Limes will leave your senses refreshed and your skin deliciously fragrant.

Easy to use, formulated for all skin types, and provides the most natural looking tan without the sun.

One thing about this lotion is that the level of colour can be determined by the duration of application:
  • Sunkissed look - Shower off after 2 hours
  • Golden Bronze - Shower off after 3-4 hours
  • Dark Bronze - Shower off anytime after 5 hours

This lotion is more suitable to be used at home, at that time we are all outdoors and didn't have a chance to wash off the lotion. Therefore, we just left it on our skin for the whole night. Luckily this lotion will not stain clothing, we changed more than 3 sets of clothes and there is no mess at all.

I notice that the colour will be absorbed into the skin and could stay more than a week, hence regular exfoliation is needed to get rid of the lotion tan, however, fading is not obvious.

Application - Spray Tan

One day I decided to take part in a bodybuild and physique competition by NABBA WFF Singapore, I knew that this is a serious competition and I would be the odd one out without and spray tan. After clearing my doubts about spray tan and much convincing talk from the people around me I then decided to get a competition colour tan.

The spray process is speedy, just that the drying process will take a while. I only did one coat of spray which I feel that the colour is dark enough for me. Not until I look at a comparison of photos with the other competitor I then found myself quite fair partially due to the stage light.

A competition spray is temporary, it can be rinsed off easily. My skin wasn't sticky after the spray and the spray did not come off as well, so far I had a good experience with it and also learned that I need more layer of spray for my next competition. Will definitely go for this method as in future if I need a temporary colour as it is the most cost effective one.

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I use a different product for aftercare depending on which tanning application I go for. After sun tan I will usually apply aloe vera gel, and at home, I will use a moisturiser that is formulated to prolong a tan but I find that it is too much work to do.

Moisturizing & Soothing After Sun Balm

Product description:

This moisturising body lotion maintains your sun-kissed glow with botanicals and vitamins. Achieve a radiant skin tone or keep your tan gorgeous with this lotion. It nourishes your skin to prepare for the next sun exposure. Upon application, your skin will feel smoother and suppler. Your tan will also look more luminous and last longer. Unlike some moisturisers or lotion, its soft balm texture keeps your skin from feeling greasy.
Sunless tanning actually doesn't require a lot of aftercare, it is more on being cautious during the process from preventing unwanted streak to be formed or even transfer of tan.

The Original Tansie

Product description:

This loose fitting, friction free onesie will keep your tan looking perfect and your sheets looking perfectly white! The unique material is breathable and lightweight and encourages your tan to dry faster, whilst the design features no cuffs or elasticated waist helping to promote a streak free tan!
The Original Tansie is available for purchase in Singapore at SGD$22
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