E's Fitness

Come with me to discover a 4 storey boutique gym conceal in the downtown core of Singapore.

51 Cantonment Rd,
Singapore 089752 
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sun: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Contact: +65 6222 6517
Website: elinnsfitness.com
E-mail: hello@elinnsfitness.com

Open its door at 1st of November 2015, E’s Fitness believe in holistic approaches and engage only experts who are passionate and committed to improve lives with their skills and knowledge.

If you haven't gone to a boutique gym or heard of E's Fitness yet, this blog post is definitely for you! 

I have been to a public gym, I also have a commercial gym membership but, this is my first time visiting a boutique gym therefore, I am unsure of what to expect and what to bring.

Here are my most concern questions when choosing a gym due to convenience purpose:
  • Is padlock provided? 
    • As you know.. the public gym doesn't even have a locker, they just provide open shelves for you to place your belongings. Not safe at all. 
    • Not all commercial gym is well equipped with lock with a lock system, some even require you to purchase from them if you forget to bring your own padlock, wow. 
  • Is towel provided? 
    • When visiting a public gym all users have to bring a towel otherwise entry will be forbidden otherwise, mean no using of bench equipment. I couldn't imagine doing so much laundry and having a wardrobe full of towels. 
    • So far the commercial gym that I know of does provide at least a small towel. 
  • How about toiletries? 
    • You can call me dirty but I will never bathe in a public gym because they just simply can't handle a girl requirements of a basic toilet and I never want to carry a bagful of heavy items over. 
    • The commercial gym does satisfy me with their shower amenities. That's the reason why I even sign up.
Let's see what E's Fitness has for its member and whether does it meet my requirement for a gym.

1st Floor

Upon checking into the gym, the basic necessities are handed to me:
  • 1 large towel 
  • 1 small towel 
  • 1 locker key 

I also don't have to be afraid of not being able to fuel up after my workout or to be left dehydrated because water is available for dispense, protein powder can be purchased by scoops.

Locker comes in two sizes and is in the changing room, it is also large enough for me to store my backpack.

Here is the photo ready changing room combined with toilet and shower area.

Look at those pretty cotton swabs!! 

Racks are available if you need to air your clothing and/or shoes. 

I did the shower room check and they've got a heater, so now I can bathe here after my sweaty workout. One problem is that I didn't bring my own shampoo, but it's ok at least they provide shower gel.

Directly outside the female changing room, there is a workout area that is great for circuit training during the non-peak hours when it is not so crowded. 

2nd Floor

The lounging area can be found at this level where guest can take a break.

E's Fitness care for their members and their children welfare. With the Playroom area parents, will never have to leave their children alone at home while sweating out at the gym.

3rd Floor

All equipment found here at E's Fitness are from Life Fitness, Hammer Strength Series. Everything here just seems well maintained to me, and this gym is fully air-conditioned.

While most boutique gyms are lack in types of equipment, E's Fitness make it up with their services:
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation training
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Health coaching
  • Sports massage

4th Floor

The highest level at E's Fitness holds a studio for group classes suitable for all ages. Good thing is that I don't have to bring an extra footwear if I am here only for their classes because footwear is prohibited at this floor.

Classes size here is kept small due to the space constraint, but hey that's not something bad to feel about ok. In my personal opinion, I feel that a workout is more productive when the trainer is focusing on smaller group compared to me joining a huge class and follow the workout like a robot where I don't even get my posture corrected when I do it wrongly then end up hurting myself otherwise wasting time.


Try working out at E's Fitness, mention my name "Serene" to receive exclusive deals:
  • 1-week membership 
  • 1 Fitness Assessment and consultation with a Fitness Expert 
  • 1 Personal Training with a Fitness Expert 
  • 1 Fitness Class of your choice 
You can make your class booking online, otherwise call +65 6222 6517 to set an appointment.

Don't be shy to take your pre/post-workout selfie in the gym and share them with the hashtag #esfitnesssg

I will be popping by E's Fitness these few months mainly for their group classes.
Hope to see you around and, remember to say hi!