Boo-Ti Parlour Opening

Boo-Ti Parlour Opens Joo Chiat’s First-Ever Luxurious Nail and Beauty Parlour

Boo-Ti Parlour
84 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427801
Opening hours:
10:00AM - 8:00PM
Contact: +65 6344 4048

Boo-Ti Parlour is elated to announce its opening of the first-ever, luxurious nail and beauty parlour in the eastern regions of Singapore, offering premium and avant-garde nail, waxing and beauty services for women and their families.

About Boo-Ti Parlour’s Creative Founders

Mel (Left), Liz (Right)

Mel is someone who feels empowered and confident with beautifully manicured nails, hence her burning desire to beautify nails. After five years as a marketing manager in the F&B industry, she recently became a stay-home mum. It was through constant encouragement from her husband that she finally decided to step out in faith to open Boo-Ti Parlour with Liz – something that she had always wanted to do.

“When we furnished Boo-Ti, our priority was to ensure our customers get a luxurious and refreshing experience every time they visit,” said Mel, Co- Founder, Boo-Ti Parlour.

Liz worked in the investment industry for eight years after her professional training in the beauty industry. However, her passion and heart remain with beauty and wellness. Two years ago, she developed a strong interest in aromatherapy, essential oils and other natural skin care products, and together with Mel, they took up a professional nail course in order to materialise their concept of opening a nail spa where they can relax with their friends while indulging in a cosy nail party at the same time.

“I’ve always wanted to open a social nail and beauty salon where people hang out, stop by and meet new people to socialise,” explained Liz.

Boo-Ti services

All customers can indulge in the world-renowned OSIM uDiva Massage Sofa – The World’s First Triple Enjoyment Massage Sofa, as a treatment chair for Boo-Ti’s manicures and pedicures.

Feel the stresses of life’s daily hassles slip away as complimentary floral or organic tea; latte or cappuccino

Accompanied by personal iPads and headphones cajole the senses.

Customers can simply sit back and relax on the OSIM uDiva as it relives their backs of aches and strains, while professional manicurists and pedicurists work on their nails using only the best products from renowned nail brands – GellyFit, ORLY and Zoya.

For most nail arts including full colouring, French manicure, colour graduation, LINE Friends, K-Pop, Gudetama, checkered, and even the popular galaxy and marble arts, GellyFit is often picked for its ease of use.

ORLY is used for individuals seeking a more dynamic palette that comprises vivid crèmes, dazzling shimmers, smooth glitters and hot neon, for the hands, feet and body.

And for pregnant women or toddlers 18 months and above seeking a nail makeover, Zoya will be best for them, given the brand’s strong focus on natural formulations that eliminates toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor or formaldehyde.

Set in a double-storey shophouse, Boo-Ti’s interior spots elegant French furniture, from specially handpicked product shelves filled with a full spectrum of nail colours to mirrors and ceiling fans, complemented with wooden plank ceilings and cosy illuminations to complete the intended chic Parisian feel.

For parents who yearn for a pampering session, but are tied up with parenting commitments, fret not. Up on level two, Boo-Ti Parlour has a special dedicated children’s corner for kids to watch cartoons in the comfort of surrounding cushions while parents pamper their nails with a peace of mind.

Additionally, Mel and Liz welcome customers to use Boo-Ti Parlour as a social place for their special events, celebrations and even corporate events and launches.

In the coming months, upcoming events such as workshops for skincare, makeup, image and grooming, along with new product launches, wine tastings and even yoga sessions for fitness enthusiasts can be expected at Boo-Ti Parlour.

Nail treatments aside, facial and beauty treatments await customers in the inner area of Boo-Ti Parlour, linked to the nail section by a comfortably lit artistic corridor subtly decked with art pieces and Parisian fixtures.

At the end of the corridor, the well-equipped private facial room stands prepped with the newest Hydra3HATM Line from world-renowned facial brand SOTHYS, to accommodate the needs of all male and female customers.

Boo-Ti Parlour only uses SOTHYS for all its facial and beauty treatments, and the entire product line is displayed on a dedicated product shelf right next to the reception counter, available for purchase.

“We believe in providing only the best professional products and services for our valued customers,” 
explained Liz and Mel, Founders, Boo-Ti Parlour, on their choice of products.


Boo-Ti Parlour is ever committed to accommodating the beauty needs of women, pregnant women, men, and children through its extensive range of services.


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