Joo Bar

Sleek, casual and inviting venue within a heritage three-storey shophouse offering top notch modern Korean bites and creative drinks in a space that exudes a laid-back vibe with a tasteful dose of edginess.

Joo Bar
5 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188094 
Opening hours:
11:30AM - 2:30PM
5:30PM - 12:00AM
Contact: +65 8138 1628

An unusual concept likely to the delight of Korean rice wine fans, Joo is the first in Singapore to proudly brew its signature drink – the makgeolli – as well as serve it on tap. This cloudy, light-bodied and mild-tasting drink is 6-8% ABV and best served cold.

DYO Bibimbap [$10.90+]
An alternative to healthy eating with this Korean mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables. I like that how Joo Bar allows their diner to customize their own bibimbap with the choice of carbohydrate, protein, and complements, it is like how you can choose your own macros to suit your needs. 

I shared the bibimbap with 2 other friends hence we have more tummy space for the side dishes and desserts to go along. 

Honey Butter Chicken [$18.00]
Chicken part used in this dish is chicken tenders, accompanied with rice cakes, drizzled with the honey butter glaze. I actually prefer the fried rice cake that is used here rather than those traditional steamed ones which require me to munch a lot because of its chewy texture. My favourite side dish of all, must order to try when you are here!

Grilled Mangalitsa Belly [$18.00]
I like how spring onion salad and, garlic chips complement the main source of flavour which is the belly fats that contain monosaturated fat, no sinful feels while putting this into my mouth. Moreover, the thick cut mangalitsa belly is packed with collagen, think "young and beautiful" when eating this.

Joo Wings [$18.00]
Crispy fried chicken wings marinated with spicy and sweet soy glaze. I had a peaceful time eating the wings, unlike other Korean chicken wings that have glaze overflowing or drizzled all over. Meat of the chicken isn't dry, I would recommend this.

Doenjang Creme Brulee [$12.00]
Korean bean pastes custard with sesame tempura tuile

Dessert may look watery, no pudding texture but never did I expect that we will finish this among three of us so fast.

‘Joo’ is ‘alcohol’ in Korean – and Joo, the bar and restaurant takes it seriously, with a funky drinks menu complemented by quality food.