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On a mission to meet my personal standard.

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I have been wanting a nose enhancement since I was at the age of 18, at that time only fillers were available however I can't decide which clinic to go because I am unsure of their credibility and I do not know anyone that has experience with nose fillers in Singapore. Most people I know that had their nose enhanced before did their procedure overseas which I think is a waste of money for flight ticket when I can get it done in Singapore, furthermore there will always be a language barrier and there might be a chance that I could not achieve what I wanted with an unclear explanation therefore, I did not heed to their recommendation. Now that I am turning 23, it's time I should do something already! I am sure every girl wish is to improve in their appearance right.

Had a small talk with Joselyn of Gotideas about Fillers and Threadlift, that's when I hear about Dr Frank Lee. Upon Googling I have read up several positive reviews about him and so I settled with Uber-Aesthetic Clinic. So glad to have Joselyn accompanying me on the day of my procedure.

Dr. Frank Lee

Started his medical training in Adelaide University School of Medicine, where he would spend special hours participating in plastics and microsurgical rotations. Upon returning to Singapore, he continued to work in various related surgical units. Having meticulous attention to detail and demonstrating a high level of creativity during all of his courses has naturally led Dr. Frank Lee to the field of aesthetic enhancement medicine and surgery.

He left for private practice into aesthetic medicine in 2004 and has a special interest in evidence-based minimally invasive and non-surgical approach to aesthetic enhancement. With creativity flair, he emphasized “Our goal is to create a more natural, individually-tailored portrait for each one of our patients in a tranquil environment, through effective minimally and non-invasive techniques. It is most important our patients feel reassured and comfortable, attaining realistic results that revitalize not just their looks, but their self-esteem too.”

Dr. Frank Lee goes beyond just the aesthetics to achieve a youthful look. He continues to travel regularly to USA, Europe, and Korea to remain informed of the most advanced techniques in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

  • M.B.B.S. (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Grad Dip Aesthetic Medicine (USA)

Why Threadlift?

  • Enhancement of facial feature is semi-permanent.
  • Surgical thread called PDO (polydixanone) is being used = Safe
  • Thread creates new collagen within the skin and dissolves over time.
  • No downtime and little side effect unlike Fillers.
  • Trend are slowly moving towards Threadlift from Fillers.
  • Threadlift is a Non-surgical cosmetic procedure, not Plastic surgery.

What can Nose Threadlift do for you?

  • Giving natural looking nose bridge definition
  • Straightening the nose bridge creating a straighter nose profile
  • Creating a higher nose bridge
  • Lifting the nose tip to create a sharper tip
  • Reducing the nose tip, for a more slender look 

I will be competing in NABBA Singapore Grand Prix during 14 August 2016, and are always looking for a solution to better enhance my overall personal image that's why I am thinking "Why not just do it now".

The respond I get when I told my Sister I am getting a nose enhancement is "Our nose looks fine what."

Many said my nose is pointy enough but still... the main reason I want to enhance my nose is because I feel that my Nasal Bone is not high enough. The side profile is also an image to take care of which many people lack.

The Process

  1. Cleansing
    • Makeup removal was done as a preparation to start the procedure.
  2. Marking
    • For the best result, the idea point for placing the thread is being marked to ensure the accuracy of insertion.
  3. Numbing
    • Don't know what is used to numb my nose area.
    • All I can remember is I receive an inject (I guess), pain level is only 1/10 which is endurable despite nose is a sensitive area.
  4. Insertion of Thread
    • Not sure if my pain tolerance is higher than average people, but I feel that nose extraction of black/white head hurt more than this.
    • This process is really smooth and quick, I used a total of 5 thread to lift my nose bridge and I did not do my nose tip at all.
    • I closed my eyes throughout because I don't want to see what is going on, nevertheless I still can feel the thread on needle piercing through but it was painless.
    • Another feeling I felt that it was great is when my nose bridge was being lifted instantl

Consultation and process take less than an hour to complete, now I know why many call it a "lunchtime lift".

Here's a picture of me after doing KOREAN 4D HIKO Nose Threadlift  no dramatic changes at the front view but there is obvious change on my side view.

Why Nose Threadlift not:

  • Don't last as long compared to Threadlift
  • Fillers spread over time making nose look broad
Nose Implant
  • Pain and Swelling after surgery
  • Cannot determine outcome

Dr. Frank Lee also prescribe some topical and oral medication for my acne skin. I am shocked that the price was comparable to off-the-counter items.

The result is immediate and can generally last from 1 to 2 years, I felt satisfied with my nose bridge now and glad that my day-to-day routine is not affected. At the start, it will feel weird at the bridge area but gradually I became used to it, the best thing was no post care is needed.

Mom commented that my nose looks so natural that no one will suspect I ever did an enhancement unless I mention it. Some girls that I worked with during events was thinking if I did something to my nose, I am not afraid to say yes and they are free to touch if you wanna feel them. Do drop me a comment for any question that have not been answered in this blog post.

Here is a comparison photo from before and after using Epiduo and finishing my oral medication, I personally feel that the acne is lessened and skin is more mattify now, however, my scar is still there. Not to worry because I will find a solution and will definetly share it here.

Acne care - Epiduo, prescribe by Dr. Frank Lee

For more progression photo of my beauty transformation follow me on my Instagram account.
Pictures for this post taken at the clinic is using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Uber-Aesthetic Clinic was established in 2005 as an aesthetic clinic that specializes in providing non-invasive cosmetic procedures for the face and body and is NOT a subsidiary of Uber Technologies, Inc. (Don't know why the concierge guy misinterpreted when I was asking for directions)

The above views are shared based on my personal experience, no monetary compensation was given.