Kay's Instant Macaroni

Asian meal in a jiffy.
So Simple, Now Everyone Can Cook!

Kay's Instant Macaroni is produced in Singapore, easy to cook is rich in protein and low in fat, this low-glycemic index food is also a good source of vitamins and minerals. No oil is required to cook the macaroni, a great substitute to other instant noodles and not that bad to consume everything. Comes in 5 flavours - Curry, Tom Yum, Anchovy, Vegetable (Vegetarian) and, Chicken.
  • Ready in 3 minutes 
  • 100% Durum wheat semolina
  • No artificial colouring
  • No Preservatives, No Wax, Non-Fried
  • Produced in Singapore
  • Halal Certified

Tom Yum

Cooking tips: Get that taste but don't forget your source of protein, I am talking about the prawn here.


Cooking tips: Add spring onion for more taste.

I have also consolidated a fact sheet for the health conscious people,
I hope this help in your selection of flavours to purchase

Happy cooking! :)

Available at Sheng Siong Supermarket, and Umart stores island wide at $3.20 (pack of three)
Updated list of outlets can be found at Kay's Singapore Facebook Page.
Hope to see Kay's Instant Macaroni at other leading supermarket chains too.