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Superfood Cell Glow Facial Therapy

Every woman deserves the best for her skin.
Feed your skin from within, let it glow.

Derma Dynamics
Blk 283, #01-197B
Bishan Street 22
Singapore 570283
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 10:30 am - 8:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Contact: +65 6456 5633

Derma Dynamics is in the heartlands of Bishan, with a nearby bus stop and car park around.

About Derma Dynamics

At Derma Dynamics they are passionate about taking care of their customer's skin providing services such as Intensive treatments, Revitalization treatments & Body Care from the products brand namely Sothys and Dermalogica.

Skin Analysis

The therapist will first need to understand our skin before proceeding to any treatment, I was also being educated and has a deeper understanding about my skin during the analysis. Spot and particles on my face were clearly identified at a close up view, I could see some orange spot which was being identified as the white head, so shocked to see them as I just did a pore cleansing mask and also peel off mask the day before.

My view

Therapist view


Superfood Cell Glow Facial Therapy is suitable for my skin condition, acne, and scarring. Therefore, I went ahead with the treatment.

Total procedure takes about 2.5 hours, steps including:
  1. Skin analysis using UV Skin Scanner
  2. Double Cleansing
  3. Exfoliation using customised scrubs with multi-vitamins
  4. Steaming to soften skin
  5. Painless Extraction
  6. Infusion of customised Superfood
  7. Application of AgelessRejuvenating Facial and Eye Massage
  8. Application of Replenishing Eye Treatment
  9. Application of LymphaticDrainage Point Massage
  10. Customised mask application
  11. Happy Leg Relaxing Massage
  12. Application of customised moisturiser and sunblock

Below is the video process of my facial treatment:

Facial product used here are from the brand Sothys.

My Review

I like that I am able to get a massage during my treatment, I always wanted a lift for my face but most beautician will not recommend me to do massage as it will activate my cell and further produce more pimples. The rejuvenating massage that the beautician provides at Derma Dynamic is not so intensive where it will irritate my skin.

Beautician is very skilful as no blood were leftover after the facial, that mean all the bacteria from the pore with pus are cleared. Also took another skin analysis and find that all orange spot that represents the white head are gone.

Before - No makeup, just skin care and my favourite tinted lip balm
After - Significant lifting result can be seen here, the face is more contour, sharper and, brighter without makeup.

I feel that this will be the kind of facial I would go for to make my skin glow before attending an important event or function. Fret not if you are afraid of redness on the skin or if you do not require extraction, other options are available as well such as anti-aging, brightening and, hydrating. The one I did is Oxygenating - Suitable for skin with pimples, tired and dull looking skin.


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