The Living Room

Paint Healthy, Live Better

Every paint will age hence, my household usually changes wall colour every 4 to 5 years. This time we are only changing the paint in the living room because the bedroom paint is still in good condition. P.S I stay in a 3-room HDB flat.

My house was in a deep and warm tone. For a new colour we wanted something that can give an illusion that the house is more spacious and looking brighter while being able to match with the home furniture. 

Not knowing how to match the colours, George from Raffles Paint was recommending that the feature wall should be in a darker shade compared to our primary colour. As for the main colour I have decided to go with grey.

After discussion with the family, these are the colour we choose for the living room:
Colour may vary from digital input and output
We will be using the pain from Raffles Paint, R.One range which is quick dry, washable and anti-smell.

Every household have their concern when choosing the paint, for my dad he is worried that the roof would turn dark after a period of time as my house burn incense paper every day. It is normal for the roof to turn dark because of oil stains from the smoke. However, the R.ONE paint is able to adapt very well due to its properties, therefore, providing a longer lasting colour.

The Raffles Paint R.ONE, is a Paint & Primer 2-in-1 means that it is a sealant integrated paint (sealant is something like a basecoat, it is used to neutralize the alkali on the walls before painting. In short, it is a basecoat). Paintwork was done very quickly, because of the integration only 2 coat is needed to get our new colour, and only took 30 minutes to dry. Probably the best paint on the market now.

As you can see from the above video, even the 1st coat of grey is able to cover up the yellow.

Yayness to the new wall colour for photo taking! Bucket of paint start from $35.00SGD onwards