TS Dental Care - Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Can you believe I used to be ignorant and will refuse to visit the dental when I was in primary and secondary school?

Behind my beautiful smiling today which many have been praising, it comes with regular maintenance by a knowledgeable and skillful doctor. Of course, I've got to put in some effort by fitting a dental appointment to my busy schedule.

Some people like me will never know how important is dental health until we really "get it".
Long story short, in this blog post I will be sharing my experiences on wisdom tooth extraction as stated in the blog title.

Why Extract?

Have always been waiting for my wisdom tooth to fully emerge so that I can extract them ASAP before any problems arise in the future. So far I have gotten rid of 3 wisdom tooth and 1 more is still growing on my upper jaw, Dr Loy recommendation was to wait for it develops as the teeth position is very near the sinus and by removing it now might cause problems.

The issue for removing 2 of my bottom wisdom tooth is that there isn't enough room for growth and it will impact the entire row of teeth by overcrowding causing the teeth to shift and not looking straight anymore. Of course, I do not want my braces effect to go to waste! One side of my wisdom tooth was even growing sideways, just like the picture as shown below:

On 2nd February 2018, another tooth was extracted because there was a history of gum infection in the area, with the tooth growing at an angle there was risk cheek biting. The most annoying thing is food always get stuck in a tiny hole where the teeth are growing. The wisdom tooth also has poor access for brushing and flossing, the accumulation of plaque will often lead to decay.

And after the lower wisdom tooth has been extracted, there is no opposing tooth to keep the upper tooth from erupting downwards, which will cause more problem especially when there is food stuck in the area.

My Experience

X-rays are usually taken to see the position of the tooth and also to see how close the tooth is to the nerve and sinus to minimize risk. When I had a full mouth x-ray done in a room, I am given a  radiation protection cover to wear over to hedge against developing various type of cancer from the use of x-rays 💀 so far there's nothing scary about x-rays that I have encountered.

For anyone whom lower wisdom tooth is suspected to be close to the nerve, Dr Loy will offer the option of a 3D X-ray to see exactly where the nerve is so that the risk of injuring or bruising the nerve is further minimized. This type of money is better not to be saved, it's better to be safe than sorry.

When the patient comes in for any treatment, the clinic will offer Single Touch Anesthesia (STA) for a gentle numbing process. That is what I have gotten prior to extraction of my wisdom tooth! Shall not elaborate much on this, but you can check out www.thewand.com to find out more about STA.

As compared to the traditional metal syringe used to administer the dose, the STA helps to control the pressure digitally so as to reduce the discomfort. As mention by the clinic, most of their patients do not feel anything during the process.

Another step that the dental clinic take to ensure patient comfort is that they have noise-cancelling headphones to play soothing music or any kind of music to the patient preference, as well as an overhead television to play our favourite shows to be distracted from focusing too much on the sounds that might emit during the treatment to give us a peace of mind for a well-rounded patient experience.

I personally think that the equipment in Loyal Dental is very high in technology, Dr Loy is also very patience in breaking down details about the issue of my teeth allowing me to understand what I am facing clearly, he is also gentle during the process of treatment which kept me calm regardless of extraction, or polish and scaling of my teeth. Yup, I visit the clinic twice per year for cleaning.

Let me break a secret! 😁 Many have been asking if I did anything to my teeth as it is very white looking. I did bring home some teeth whitening agent from the dentist during my visit to whiten my teeth in the comfort of my home when necessary with the use of teeth aligner that was created by the same doctor.

About the recovery of extraction, based on my personal experience I can even eat properly in less than 2 days. A needleless syringe was also provided to me for easier cleaning of teeth at home as some food will be trapped in the hole where the tooth has been extracted, especially on the lower jaw.

The Cost

A simple extraction can range from $65 to $95, a more complex one can be from $120 to $180.

A surgical extraction can range from $250-$950 depending on how complex it is, best is to have Dr Loy to take a look so that he is able to quote better as these are very rough figures.

Not forgetting to factor in the cost of consultation, x-ray, and CT scan if required. However, low to medium income family can also receive treatment with a subsidy by using their CHAS card.

Source: https://www.chas.sg/uploadedFiles/patient/About_CHAS/Annex%20B%20-%20Updated%20CHAS%20subsidy%20schedule%20for%20dental%20services.pdf

Wisdom tooth extraction is also CPF Medisave claimable between $350 to $2700 depending on the number of tooth removal and complexity, I still remember using my dad account for the bill settlement during my Poly days when I had 2 of my bottom wisdom tooth removed.

Thanks to the government, healthcare in Singapore can never be expensive. Even better if you are covered with dental/health insurance, therefore you will pay lesser out of your own pocket! Of course, those coverage doesn't apply for any cosmetic procedure.

It is recommended to visit the dental clinic at least twice per year to main optimal health and hygiene for the teeth. By doing so we can avoid a few dental issues like tooth decay and gum problem which may even lead to a more serious problem is not treated early. The dentist can also help to clean up our teeth by removing dental plaque/tartar, I am sure everyone wants to look good when smiling right.

Previously called Loyal Dental, they have renamed to TS Dental Care. Situated within the same building complex, they are just two doors away from their previous unit. Now they have more space to cater to their patient's needs, the waiting is now more comfortable which has aromatherapy diffuser to help with relaxation and tea-making area for the patient to sip organic tea while waiting.

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