Funsiamo - Let's Have Fun Together!

Never thought baking could be done so effortlessly 🎂


Funsiamo, Taiwan's premium DIY baking studio, has finally come to Singapore and open it's doors to the public on 4th August 2018!

The 1,200 square feet studio features a minimalistic look with a blend of yellow, black, and white furnishing, equipped with top-of-the range baking appliances.

The Singapore studio is Funsiamo's very 1st overseas outlet and will offer flexible booking schedules and a vast library of recipes to choose from; such as favourites like Rainbow Cake, Valhorna Banana Chocolate Cake, Macarons, Fruit Tart, Mousse Cakes, and more exciting bakes like Hokkaido Cupcakes or Unicorn Cakes.

There will be 15 recipes rolled out in phases within the 1st month and more in the pipeline after.

My Experience

I have always wanted to bake a cake (other than cheesecake which is my specialty), you know those kinds of bespoke cake with cream cheese/full cream that is between layers of cake, those kind of cake we commonly see at people 21st birthday. Bespoke cake may seem easy to make from a video, but I have never ever attempted it due to afraid of failure and messing up the kitchen, plus the time & cost needed to spend to buy ingredients. Do you know how much effort is needed? What about finding the right recipe?! That's too much work to do. I would rather have it all being spoon-feed to me with a little contribution from myself so that I can tell people "I baked this cake!".

At Funsiamo, everything is provided including the recipe hence, my boyfriend and I went there empty handed as all ingredients and tools are supplied by the studio. Guest only needs to call to make a booking or walk-into try out a DIY Baking session. 

The studio carries high-end baking equipment such as mixer from Kitchen Aid which I always wanted to own one, where I am finally able to get my hands to try it out. Funsiamo also has a vast of built-in oven from our local brand Mayers. 

I am also glad that at Funsiamo, there are friendly staffs around to assist us in case there are any baking steps we are unsure of. The staffs are also there to help prepare and clean up used equipment like cake turntable, trays, spoon etc.

Thanks to Funsiamo providing a phone stand to all bakers, I manage to capture a timelapse of the baking process so share with you guys.

Watch the video below! 👇

I really enjoy baking together with my boyfriend where we can put our teamwork to good use. I feel that this is a place that family and friends can come together for bonding by baking a cake for an occasion. I still remember going to a local cake shop using icing decorations and colour piping bags to DIY a plain cake whenever someone birthday is coming up. At Funsiamo, it is an extensive unique experience, not only I get to decorate the cake, I had a chance to bake it from raw ingredients!

Not To Be Missed!

In celebration of Funsiamo's official opening, visitors to the store can enjoy a 20% discount for recipes of:
  • Valhorna Chocolate Banana Cake
  • Rainbow Cake
  • Hokkaido Cupcake

I am also doing a giveaway on Instagram to 1 lucky winner for a bake session at Funsiamo, stay tune!! (Worth up to S$115)

Choice of either 👆 Valrhona Banana Cake or Rainbow Cake 👇 (5 inch)

Draw date: 31st August 2018
Winner will be picked using a web-apps name picker, and publish on my Instagram Story.
Winner will also be announced on the giveaway post itself. Voucher will be posted by normal mail.

Suntec City,
North Wing, #02-458,
Singapore 038983
Opening hours:
10:00AM - 10:00PM
Open everyday
Contact: +65 6910 0890