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Achieve glass skin in 6 days! #MyGlassSkinEssence

Many people have a misconception when it comes to dry skin. Simple dry skin lacks water, desertified skin, on the other hand, does not lack water but the “power to hold water”; that’s when irrigation facilities play a big part.

Right here I am taking HERA Cell Essence on a 6 days challenge to achieve glass skin effect 

As we age, we experience a number of skin aging problems including dry, tight, and rough skin with a gradual buildup of dead skin cells. This is no simple dryness in skin, but the aging of skin’s constitution. It expands for one area to the entire face, and it is called “Skin Desertification”

How to know if you have desertified skin? Here’s a checklist:
  • Your skin used to be fine even when nothing was applied after washing, but now it feels very dry
  • Slept soundly but skin still feels rough
  • Skin damaged from sleeping late or staying up all night does not heal back like before
  • You’ve been applying anything and everything you could but skin still looks bad
  • Makeup looks bad and flaky, does not apply well
  • Your skin still looks dull and dark despite apply makeup

Activate and vitalize desertified skin with HERA Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0
A water-based pre-essence containing 8 skincare that mimics the essential nutrients in the body that is needed to keep the skin hydrated, Cell Essence deeply hydrates and locks in moisture in the skin for a bright, dewy complexion. 


Double the efficacy with HERA’s Double-Effect Facial Cotton Pad

My Review

No reason not to give HERA Cell Essence a try because it is low irritation and suitable for all skin types, best of all it can easily fit into my skincare regime being the step before toner is applied.

Disclaimer: Progression pictures are taken right after face wash without any product being applied. All pictures are taken using the same camera, lighting, and backdrop.

Day 0, Morning - Tapped some essence on my skin after and immediately felt the suppleness 😊 
The product does not leave a sticky residue on skin and it is fast absorbing. Most importantly, the product delivers what it was advertised.
Day 4 Night, and Day 5 Morning - Skipped the product routine as I wasn't home.

BEFORE: My moisturiser always dries up due to the environment before even I complete my application. 
AFTER: Skincare routine got easier because HERA Cell Essence helps hydrate the skin and increase absorption of the next skincare products. Managed to achieve glass skin in 6 days of usage which makes the skin looks radiant. I am satisfied with the product overall, will continue using! 

About HERA

HERA, the leading luxury K-Beauty brand, aims to spread the special unique charm of modern Korean women. Seoulista is the muse of HERA, representing the exceptional beauty of modern Korean women who are fashionable, elegant, confident and passionate. They are the style icon of K-Beauty as well as the beauty messenger leading trends in Asia. The brand is fronted by Korean actress, Gianna Jun and Jennie Kim from Blackpink

Every sample comes with the hydration test strips to measure before and after results.


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