Sample Store x WORLDiBUY

WORLDiBUY is a cross-border e-commerce platform from Taiwan. They are working with over 25 channels globally and ship to over 100 countries, allowing you to buy products from different parts of the world anytime, anywhere! Try out some of these products and buy them on Sample Store, including YM Biomed YMB20 Probiotics that I will be reviewing.

About YM Biomed YMB20 Probiotics

The product uses Yangming patented probiotic with 6 probiotic strains which form a perfect formula to promote immunity and anti-allergy. It also protects the intestines. With Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc; it regulates physiological function. It also contains Tremella Polysaccharides, promoting better health and smoother bowel movement.


Take 1 to 2 packets a day, it can be taken before or after meals. You can eat it directly from the packet or mix it with warm water.

My Review

I usually include probiotic in my diet as it helps to improve my digestion and aid in smooth bowel movement. I also like how YM Biomed YMB20 Probiotics is designed small enough for me to bring out with convenient, a hassle-free supplement that I can consume on-the-go that taste like yogurt 😜