Sample Store x VitaRealm Beauty Drinks

VitaRealm beauty drinks come in 3 variations to match different skin profile, I select which to consume based on my current skin condition. #mybeautycolor is pink, discover yours!

Pink: Skin Perfecting Essence

  • Diet affects our skin. Dairy products, food with a high GI (eg. White rice) have been known to cause an increase in sebum production. This might just be the reason behind your clogged pores or pimples.
  • VitaRealm Skin Perfecting Essence contains acerola cherry that helps to balance sebum production, whiten and brighten skin tone.

My first impression

The taste of the Litchi juice and how the balance of both white grape and apple juice flavor blended together is the right kind of concoction that I was looking forward to upon picking my beauty colour. Apart from that, the drink is very smooth to drink that I don't mind having it daily! The portion is also just right for one mouth consumption, each time I finished one bottle I have the tendency to take a 2nd bottle 😜

The bottle itself can easily fit into any kinds of bags. It is small and slim which makes it easy for me to place it not just in my bag when can consume it during my way to work, other than that I also store it in my own office table drawer where it is accessible and kept as a reminder to stay beautiful each day.

Final thoughts

Throughout consumption, I can feel that the oil production on my face is being controlled because there is a lesser occurrence that I am required to blot my face with tissue paper, compared to usual days when I am out under the sun. After consuming 16 bottles I felt that my skin texture and appearance has improved which is impressive. Due to the product efficacy, I will purchase them when an important day e.g event appearance, wedding, photo shoot, etc. is approaching.

Discover your Beauty Colour

  • How to identify beauty color from skin concerns
    • Blue: Dull skin tone, dry skin, uneven skin tone, dark pigments
    • Pink: Sensitive skin, troubled skin, acne-prone skin, acne scars, enlarged pores
    • Purple: Thin and dry skin, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines
  • Choose VitaRealm Beauty Drink based on beauty color
    • Blue: Whitening Collagen
      • Helps to brighten skin, even out skin tone, lighten dark pigments
    • Pink: Skin Perfecting Essence
      • Balances sebum production, heal acne and scars
    • Purple: Anti-A.G.E Essence
      • Hydrates and firms skin, reduces sugar induced skin damages (wrinkles, fine lines)
The drinks come in a box of 8 and are available for purchase from VitaRealm online store ( with free doorstep delivery for SG orders or from Watson’s stores at a discounted price of $39.90 for a box of 8 bottles (For the month of July only!)