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Sample Store x Les Parfums de Farcent

The scent in our environment can enhance our mood, it can also create a place of our imagination that we desire especially if the amora is pleasant.

About Les Parfums de Farcent (LPF)

Products in the market have limited scents. Les Parfums de Farcent is the first perfume-type of freshener. With fragrance developed by renowned European perfume house, each product has a unique scent and long-lasting effect. The freshener comes in 2 forms:
Products are IFRA certified, safe and of high quality scented materials

Perfumed Diffuser

  • Made from Japanese plant deodorizer
  • Uses innovative odor elimination to bring fresh air
  • Fashionable/modern design; unlike other fresheners you see in the market
  • Shaped like a perfume bottle, creates a nice touch to the house as a display
  • Lasts up to 4 to 8 weeks
  1. Unscrew gold cap from the glass bottle and remove the plastic plug
  2. Screw the gold cap back to the glass bottle
  3. Insert the PET reed sticks
  4. Place product on flat surfaces and wait for the fragrance to release
  5. Adjust the number of PET reed sticks to control the aroma concentration

Perfumed Sachets (3 pc):

  • Fashionable design with a modern touch of simplicity
  • Freshen your wardrobe/car/cabinet/handbag
  • Last up to 30 days
  1. Remove perfumed sachets from the pouch
  2. Insert ribbon through the hole at the top of the sachet
  3. Hang it in wardrobe, car or simply place it in your drawer, cabinet or handbag

My Review

Freesia & English Pear:
This is my least favourite as the scent is too acidic to be placed in my room for a cozy setting. However, there may be people that may be fond of the middle notes of Jasmine and English Pear.

Top Notes - Lily of the Valley, Freesia
Middle Notes - Cedar, Jasmine, British Pear
Base Notes - Musk, Vanilla
Sea Salt & Wood Sage:
The perfumed sachet gives off a very refreshing scent when placed in my clothes cabinet, strong enough to smell when the door is open.

Top Notes - Sea Salt, Bergamot Orange
Middle Notes - Coconut, Plum, Sage, Fig
Base Notes - Woody, Musk, Patchouli
Star Magnolia:
It has a middle note of floral and a citrusy top note. With its own sweetness, it became my personal favourite-to-use scent for my vanity area and wardrobe area.

Top Notes - Citrus, Ginger
Middle Notes - Magnolia Flower, Bitter Orange Flower
Base Notes - Woody, Amber

My vanity area
Wardrobe for bags and accessories
Been using the products for 2 weeks and to my surprise, the scent is still as strong compared to when I first unbox it. The price point is so affordable making it a great gift for special and mass occasions such as Christmas, Corporate event, and Doorgift, etc.

Where To Purchase

You can get them on Sample Store. There is a special promotion for members – Diffuser at $9.90 (u.p. $12.90) and perfumed sachets at $4.90 (u.p. $5.90):
 Alternatively, you can also get them from Fairprice, Sheng Shiong, K-ART Showrooms, and e-Store, as well as Qoo10 and Lazada

Especially For You

Redeem free samples from Sample Store


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