Sample Store x Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Do you know that many Taiwan fresh produce and Taiwan processed food are already available in Singapore supermarket?

Am honoured to be invited by Sample Store to the trade event hence, I am exposed to Taiwan food that I haven't tried before. Pardon me that I have not visited Taiwan in my entire life, but I will be going there coming September with my agency for a short trip. Please send in some food recommendations if you have any!

During the event itself, representatives from the Singapore food industry are gathered to discover and meet with potential industry partners opportunities from Taiwan. On the other side, Taiwan companies get to showcase what they can offer. And hopefully, both come into good terms so we Singaporean will have more food choices in the near future.

90% of the products are new to the market and the brands are waiting for a good opportunity for distributions to Singapore so that we can get to taste them. Here I have selected a few brands and products that I would try and have left me a deep impression:

Jiang-jiun-Corporation (將軍企業社)

Jiang-jiun-Corporation have changed from doing business to black bean cultivation, which is an insistence. They want to let the customers know the source of the food, from the land to the table and watch the food safety every step of the way. Jiang-jiun carries out friendly farming, and the efforts they have made combine the nutrients of nature so that the black beans that their customers eat are especially fresh and nutritious!

The first thing that caught my sight is the Sui-Beauty Black Bean Vinegar as seen above. This product is rich in organic acids, anthocyanins, vitamins, minerals, etc.; its nutritional value is extremely high.

I used to drink vinegar every night to cleanse my body before sleep and to balance out the PH level of my body and to improve my digestion function due to the fatty food I had to consume daily. I have been looking around to try many different kinds of vinegar, while the black bean is high in protein it is a plus point as a consumer to purchase it for daily consumption. Will do an individual food review on this if there's demand!


Tainan Madou District Farmers’ Association (臺南市麻豆區農會)

In the early days, it was one of the four major clubs of the Syrah Yaping Puppet, Ma Dou. At that time, there was a lagoon in the north of Madou. It was said to be shaped like an eye. "Mattau" was originally known as the eye in the Pingpu language, so the Pingpu people called it "Mattau", which is pronounced like Madou.

The main source of the product range I have seen on the event day is all from the fruit Pomelo. I find that the manufacturer is very innovative and considerate as they make use of the fruits to make edibles stuff and also a daily necessity to minimize wastage.

The pomelo flower is harvested when the flowers bloom in the spring. The ancients used the pomelo steamed sesame oil as the facial fat and applied it to the face to make the skin fair and smooth. The Compendium of the Compendium also records: "Pomelo is cold, non-toxic, long-haired and moist." According to the legend In the Qing Dynasty, the court royal doctor sent people to collect pomelo flowers, and refined the essence to make beauty oil for use in makeup."


Chingshui Farmers’ Association (Hido Agri Innovation)
 臺中市清水區農會 (囍朶農創)

A young farmer from Taichung, Taiwan choose crops with color, finding enthusiasm and happiness for the land at work, hoping to inject this kind of heart and the spirit of farming for the family into agriculture, using friendly farming methods without applying preservatives or pesticide. This is their promise: We do not guarantee that our corn is big and beautiful, but it is absolutely healthy and delicious.

I can't deny that the purple of the corn is what got me to notice their product. Purple waxy corn contains anthocyanins, which are very thin, sticky to eat, taste good and sweet, low in calories, and very healthy food.

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Thank you Sample Store for the invitation to this event once again and I hope you as a reader has acquired as much insight as me! 😊