Best Lip Balm and Treatment I've Tried under $50

The skin on our lips can't produce natural oil on its own unlike other area hence, it's important to care for our lips so that we can prevent dry, chapped, or cracked lips that can become painful and even lead to bleeding.
I can't deny that I'm a true sucker for lip balm and treatment that I have them on me almost 24 hours because I simply can't stand dry lips. I even have a specific product to use during different time of the day.

Here's the TOP 4 products in my list that I'm currently using:

1. Dior Lip Glow

They used to have only 1 shade when I started using this brand, today they have 7 shades in store. Till date I'm still using the basic 001 Pink everyday, I never fail to bring this out because of the aesthetic outlook and most importantly it moisturise my lips while giving it a natural flush of colour, the application is also very swift to the extent that I don't even need a mirror or perhaps I'm just used to it. I would apply this throughout the day, mostly after a drinks/meal. This is one product that I will always stock up before I even finish the last stick. Now you know what to get for me as a practical birthday gift because I don't mind owning more. P.S It even comes in a set with my TOP 4 favourite 😉

2. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This is one product that are highly raved by my friends, even the men's are asking me to try it. Once I got started, I couldn't stop. Since then I would apply a thick layer generously on my lips before bed every night because who doesn't want to wake up with hydrating lips, especially when sleeping in an air-conditioned room. The berry shade is my all time favourite, and I would want to try the grapefruit shade on my next purchase.

3. Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15

Only purchase this recently (August 2020), and this lip balm has always been in my to-try list but I was afraid to give it a go due my brand loyalty to my TOP 1 in this list. Gotten it in Bloom shade as I find it the most natural looking and suitable for daily use. What I love about this lip treatment is that it comes in SPF15 which can give my lips protection due to sun exposure as I'm concern that my lip will become uneven over time. The 1st impression I had when I apply this product on my lips is WOW "it's so moisturising", which is unexpected. I now use this for extra protection when I will be going under the sun or even doing video call with harsh lighting. Would definitely purchase more in future as they have a vast array of shade that might even replace a lipstick, I need to try to know if their pigment is strong enough.

4. Dior Lip Volumizer

Many people use this to add a glow on top of their lip product for volumising effect. As for me, I would apply it together when doing skincare in the day to prepare my lips for the rest of the day. It doesn't plump my lips as expected but it does give it a luscious glow like a lip balm however, it doesn't leave a sticky feel. I personally have not tried other plumper so I can't compare either. Will only purchase it in a set with the Lip Glow.
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