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Tasting Session with Priscilla

Jack's Place, a trusted eatery for Singaporeans, plans to take customers by surprise with amazing dining deals to pamper your taste buds in lieu of celebrating its 56th anniversary.

Do you know that Jack's Place belongs to a group of restaurant under JP Pepperdine? They started with the popular Jack’s Place Steakhouse in 1966, then evolved to Eatzi Gourmet divisions (Steakhouse, Bakery and Catering) and Yeh Ting. The restaurant have also been a part of my life during the season when I worked part-time at Bras Basah area and while I was studying at AMK ITE, because it's a weekly routine for me to dine there. I specially love their Signature Lobster Bisque, it's a perfect creamy soup to match with any mains.

Jack’s Place is also known for its specialty of topping its tender and juicy steaks and main courses with a choice of local and international sauces and toppings like sambal, new Asian butter, black pepper, or cajun. Jacks Place steaks have been its classic best-sellers for decades. They are prepared using the best cuts of Tenderloin, Ribeye, Striploin, and T-bone, normally topped with white asparagus, black pepper or mushroom sauce.

To celebrate the True Singaporean Story, Jack’s Place is combining their Western Best Sellers With The Best of Local Sauces and also came out with dishes such as Chik Kut Teh Sauce on Chicken Chop and Orh-Luak on Ribeye.

Jack's Place August Promotion Menu 2022

56-year-old Jack’s Place Celebrates 57-year-old Singapore With Special Loco-Delights Menu This August


Chicken Satay Kueh Pie Tee (4pcs)
Crunchy Kueh Pie Tee cups, filled with Grilled chicken with Satay Sauce, diced cucumber and cilantro.

Fruity White Rojak
Medley of bite-sized cucumber, dragon fruit, mango & pineapple with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds & crispy tau pok.


Tropical Sling
Rejuvenate yourself with the refreshing mix of Mango, Orange & Pineapple juice, with a shot of Grenadine syrup, topped with a pair of juicy lychees.

Main Course

Chik Kut Teh Chicken
Grilled Chicken Chop topped with crispy enoki and Chik Kut Teh Sauce. Served with signature baked potato and seasonal vehetables.

Nasi Lemak Lobster
Grilled Garlic Butter Lobster (±500g), fragrant coconut rice, ikan bilis, peanuts, fried egg, cucumber, seasonal vegetables and homemade sambal.

Laksa Barramundi
Grilled Barramundi Fillet with creamy laksa sauce, mashed potato and seasonal vegetables.

Orh-Luak on Ribeye
Juicy N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Oyster Omelette, served with signature baked potato and seasonal vegetables.

Chili Crab Pasta
Spaghetti tossed in Singapore iconic Chilli Crab sauce, topped with prawns, squids and fish fillet.

Out of all the main courses, my favourite is the Orh-Luak on Ribeye... just so you know I love to eat Orh-Luak, it's also brings back my wonderful childhood memories with my dad as he would usually dabao them for me as supper; problem is I always can't finish it. Love that this ribeye dish allows me to satisfy my Orh-Luak craving yet allowing me to have juicy steak at the same time.

In observance of Singapore’s 57th National Day, bring your friends / family to enjoy Jack's Place special loco-licious menu specially curated for the month of August. Go taste them before they're gone!

About Jack’s Place 

Established since 1966, Jack’s Place is the trusted favourite known for its Western food. It all started when Mr Say Lip Hai arrived in Singapore from Hainan island and started as a cookboy with the British troops in Sembawang. There he learned how to prepare the perfect roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. 

Having tasted one of Mr Say’s now famous meals, a British housewife suggested that he start a catering business with her husband, Jack Hunt, in his pub at Killiney Road known as Jack’s Place, which he started in 1966. Mr Say agreed and commenced that partnership in 1968. Shortly afterwards, Jack Hunt sold his share of the business but his namesake ‘Jack the Chef’ is still running the kitchen today! 

Today, Jack’s Place is the trusted favourite for family and friends to enjoy great value sizzling steaks, specialty meals, and sumptuous cakes. Jack’s Place is committed to serving quality food and creating memorable dining experiences in a cheerful and cozy environment for our guests. 

For more information, visit www.jacksplace.com.sg.