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Opera make up

Yesterday had a last minute performance which we didn't know what is that performance about. I see the costume then I am thinking "Ohmygod opera make up, I don't want!" But end up I still take part in the performance. Because I scare that the make up would spoil my skin, I think they use poster colour to make up for us lor -.- I regretted for not bringing a face cleanser and a make up remover because their make up is so hard to remove and I think it is very harsh to my skin by rubbing it off. Have been cabbing to home and school these few day, I must really save up some money for my future studies $7000+ more to go. Pictures below! Today went to dentist, I got my transparent retainer and I think it look like a teeth casing haha. It look like a Invisalign aligner, those new type of "braces" which is transparent in colour but it take a longer time for the teeth to be straight. Starting it was very hard to insert and remove because it is very tig

Kusu Island

Today went to Kusu Island to pray with Sister, Mom, her friends and their child. We took a boat from Marina South Pier to Kusu Island, it is only open one month for every year. I'm so tired this morning as I did not sleep because I just finish work in the morning, I tried to sleep but can't anyway it is only just 1 hour of sleep so I trim my eyebrow because I got nothing to do, and then I look so weird then I feel scare so I stop trimming it already. But now I think it is not bad still. Let me give you some knowledge if you don't know about Kusi Island yet. Kusu Island is one of the Southern Islands in Singapore, located about 5.6 kilometres to the south of the main island of Singapore So Kusu means Tortoise or Turtle. Located on Kusu island is the popular Chinese temple builted in 1923 bya whealthy business man, the temoke house two main deities are the "Dua Pek Gong" and The Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin). The former is highly regarded as having the powe